I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few months now, and now that Logan is almost 6 months and it’s almost time to do a 3 – 6 month essentials list I couldn’t waste any more time. So here you go, our 0 – 3 month baby essentials list.

All of these are items that have been a HUGE help during those early months, and if you read any of my 4th trimester posts you’d know that any small thing that could help make things even a little bit easier would go a long way.

The baby essentials you need for your newborn baby. #firsttimemom #newborn #babyessentials

Big Purchases


I am so in love with our Graco Click Connect Jogger Travel System. The best part about it is that the car seat easily clicks in and out of the car and stroller so you don’t have to disturb baby while you are out and about. There’s no need to fuss with the straps or disturb baby’s car nap only to take them out in the rain and put them in the stroller, instead baby can sleep peacefully as you go from place to place which can be such a life saver in those early days!

The Graco stroller also has 2 cup holders each for you and baby, and a storage area with a phone clip, although I haven’t met anyone that had a phone that fit the “universal phone clip”, the storage are is still really useful for stroller snacks, storing keys, and anything else you might need while you’re out and about. The lower storage area is also very large making it great for shopping trips.

It has an easy ride, but it is quite bulky when getting in and out of the vehicle. I have an SUV and it fits great in the back, but ba can be cumbersome when having to fit it in the backseat while the dogs are in the back of the car.

Your baby essentials list for the main things that helped me with a newborn baby.


Our play pen is probably our most used baby item, but it can’t be just any play pen. What makes this Evenflo Portable Baby Suite with Mattress so great because is that it has so many uses. It’s the perfect change spot with its flip up flip down change pad and storage bag that attaches to the side, and the upper bassinet is great for naps and a safe space for baby without having to bend all the way over to pick them up.

The change pad can be easily wiped down (trust me, we’ve had to do it lots!), and the storage bag has tons of room and zips up easily for travel. We fit our diapers, wash cloths, spare sheets, receiving blankets, sleepers, and creams and lotions all in the tiny storage pouch that easily attaches to the side of the playpen and can be removed when needed.

It does take a bit of getting used to to set up and break down, but after you do it a few times it can be done quite easily. The first time I set it up it seemed quite confusing, but after breaking it down and setting it back up multiple times while we moved it became super easy to do.

I should note that it is not recommended to use a mattress with playpens. We looked into it and it felt right for our family as it is comfier for baby, and he was not left unattended in it. Please do your research and decide for yourself whether or not a mattress for the play pen is right for you. Many families use blankets, or don’t use anything at all. Do what feels right for you.

We keep ours downstairs as the main change area because of the little change pad and storage pouch that has tons of room.

You can use the upper bassinet for naps and a safe space to leave baby for a moment, but my favourite part is the change pad with storage area.

Your baby essentials list for the main things that helped me with a newborn baby.


The swing was the main way I was able to have a shower every single morning which was part of my self care as a new mom. Logan loved motion which made it hard to put him down for any length of time. It took him a while to get used to it, but it soon became a “spot” that we used everyday. Although it’s not recommended for sleeping, it helped Logan get longer stretches of sleep while he was sick. The elevation help them breathe while they are congested.

We used the Ingenuity Convertme Swing 2 Seat and it’s a great swing at it’s price point. It has 5 speeds, a vibrating chair, and a bunch of sounds that we never used. The best part about it is the hybridrive technology which makes the batteries last way longer. After using it almost everyday it took almost 5 months before we had to change the batteries. It also has a timer and automatic shut off after 90 minutes which is great for battery life, but can be annoying if you’re using it to help keep the sick baby sleeping.

It folds up for storage which is great as a space saver for long term storage, but quite annoying to do if you’re thinking of folding it up between uses. It also only rocks forward and back which has worked great for us, but some people look for ones that also swing side to side.

Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag

A good diaper bag is an absolute must if you’re planning on being out and about. My diaper bag of choice has been my Timi and Leslie bag from Bellies in Bloom. I love all of the pockets and accessories that came with it, and it’s a great size to carry everything. However, as much as I love it, if I had to do things over again I would definitely go with a backpack style like the Freshly Picked diaper bag that’s also at Bellies in Bloom.

The main thing you want to look for when shopping for a diaper bag is lots of pockets or compartments to help keep everything organized, a change pad and changing accessories, an insulated bottle holder, and a size and quality that suits your needs and budget.

Stretchy Baby Wrap

As I’ve mentioned in previous early motherhood and babywearing posts, a stretchy baby wrap saved us during those colicky days and is super useful for hikes and trips to the store. Babywearing has so many benefits including reduced crying, bonding time, and leaving your hands free which is why I quickly fell in love with it after trying it for the first time. I tested 3 different baby wraps, the Moby, Boba, and Beluga Baby, and the Beluga Baby was a clear winner for me, although the Boba was great too!

It’s really lightweight and folds up nicely into a square making it great to carry around in the diaper bag for trips to the store and when baby refuses to be anywhere but on you. It’s also super breathable for hiking and warmer weather. You can read more about each brand in the full review, and if you’re interested in a Beluga Baby Wrap use the coupon code “happystylishfit” for 10% off.

Tips for how to babywear with a review of the Moby wrap, Boba wrap, and Beluga Baby wrap.

Multipurpose Carseat Cover

When you first take home your tiny little baby you quickly realize what a big world it is and how there are so many germs out there that can get your tiny one sick. I quickly fell in love with our OVer multipurpose cover because it acted as a barrier to all of those hands making their way into LO’s car seat, no thank you Walmart hands! It also works great to make the carseat a little den so that baby can continue sleeping from car to stroller to home, and it works as a nursing cover too! The OVer cover is breathable and has great airflow compared to some other brands, and I love supporting such a great Canadian small business that gives back to NICU.

Skin Fix Bum Cream

Our little one had very sensitive skin and would easily get a diaper rash while sleeping overnight. We tried a few different diaper creams and found that Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm to be the most effective at calming his irritated skin very quickly. While other butt creams would take over a week to heal his bum, Skinfix worked within 24 – 48 hours.

Matraea Nipple Cream

Matraea Nipple Fix cream was an absolute lifesaver during those early breastfeeding days. Not only did it work amazingly well after my nipples got raw and cracked, but it’s also made of natural ingredients that I feel totally safe putting on my body and coming into contact with my newborn baby.

Newborn Baby Shopping List

  • Stroller
  • Playpen
  • Swing
  • Diaper Bag
  • Stretchy Baby Wrap
  • Multipurpose Car Seat Cover
  • Bum Cream
  • Nipple Cream


All photos were taken by local, Victoria BC photographer, Tim West. I highly recommend him if you are wanting some photos for your blog or social media. 


There ya have it, my top 0 – 3 month baby essentials. Stay tuned for a 3 – 6 month baby essentials that will be posted by next month.

xo Jannine

Baby essentials: things you need for your 0 - 3 month old baby. Get prepared for your newborn baby. #Newborn #babyessentials #firsttimemom

0 - 3 month essentials, everything you'll need for your newborn baby.

Newborn baby essentials, everything you'll need for your 0 - 3 month old baby.