Just like many other people, fall is my favourite season #Basic. I’ve talked about it a few times already this season so I won’t get into why, but instead I am sharing with you an awesome list of fun things to do for fall. Some of them are fun things to go out to do like a corn maze or pumpkin patch, others are more frugal things you can do for fall around town, and then some you can do in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to add to your fall bucket lists!

Places to Visit This Fall

#1 Navigate a Corn Maze

It can be a lot of fun going out and navigating a corn maze with family and friends. If you’re in Victoria I highly recommend checking out Pendray Farms, it’s huge! It can get really muddy so make sure to bring your gumboots and a flashlight to see in the dark.

#2 Visit a Pumpkin Patch and Carve Pumpkins

Pick out your very own pumpkin and take it back to your house for some fun pumpkin carving. Some popular pumpkin patches in Victoria are:

Get your bucket lists ready with this fun list of 15 things to do for fall including visiting a pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins.

#3 Visit a Haunted House

Get spooked visiting a haunted house this fall. Monsters Haunted House at the pier is super popular here in Victoria.

#4 Go On a Ghost Tour

Get cozied up and go on a fun ghost tour around the city. Discover the Past has Ghostly Walks at different areas of the city throughout October.

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#5 Go Candle Shopping

Get your house ready for fall by doing some candle shopping! Wild and Free Organics has some uh-mazing candles. They’re completely natural, pesticide and phthalate free, non-GMO, and made with wood wicks so you can burn your candle worry free knowing that no crazy chemicals are polluting the air of your home.

On a side note, once you start doing research into what burning candles can release in the air it gets seriously scary. That’s why I’ve started leaning towards diffusing essential oils, instead of burning candles, but these candles are totally safe. Let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in a blog post about it.

Build your candle collection up just in time for fall. Check out this and 14 other things to do for fall.

Frugal Things To Go Out And Do This Fall

#6 Go Stargazing

Pack up your blankets, and maybe an air mattress, and go stargazing. You’ll also want to bring a thermos full of warm drinks too! You’ll need to find a place that is completely away from any blaring city lights. Although it can be hard to actually achieve this around the city, these are some of the best places for stargazing in Victoria:

  • Fort Rod Hill
  • Cattle Point
  • Thetis Lake
  • Ten Mile Point
  • Metchosin Cricket Field (behind the Metchosin Fire Hall)

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#7 Visit a Farm

Explore a local farm, or a farmers market and get some fresh farm to table vegetables.

#8 Go On a Hike

Go on a hike and see the beautiful changing colours. Some of my favourite places to hike around Victoria are:

  • Goldstream Tressel
  • Mount Wells
  • Mount Doug
  • East Sooke Park

15 things to do for fall including going for a fall hike among the changing leaves.

#9 Go Puddle Jumping

Play like a kid again and have fun in a storm. Go puddle jumping and play in the wind. Just make sure to dry off and warm up as soon as you get home!

#10 Have a Fall Photoshoot Playing in Leaves

Capture the fun of jumping in piles of leaves with a fun fall photoshoot.

Things To Do For Fall At Home

#11 Have a Scary Movie Marathon

Make a list of some of your favourite scary movies, or popular scary movies, and have a movie marathon at home. Make sure to cozy up with lots of blankets and pillows, set the mood with a dark room and candles, and have some tasty snacks and drinks too.

A fun list of 15 things to do for fall including having a scary moving marathon. Check this list out to get your fall bucket list ready.

#12 Have a Backyard Bonfire

Have your friends over for a backyard bonfire or campfire. Make sure to have blankets, cozy drinks, and you could make smores too!

#13 Have a Cozy Fall Potluck

Gather your friends for a fun fall potluck. Compare recipes, and have fun playing board games while you enjoy each other’s creations.

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#14 Decorate for Fall

Decorate your house and your stoop for fall. You can generally find some super cheap decorations at the Dollar Store, and Michaels and Winners Home Sense can have some great finds too.

#15 Have a Pie Bake Off

Have a bunch of your friends all bake a pie, or a crumble, or something like that. Then gather everyone over to taste each other’s pies and have a fun hangout willed with sugar and laughter.

Check out this bucket list of 15 things to do for fall including having a fun pie bake off with friends.

There ya have it, 15 fun things to do for fall. I’d love to hear what your favourite things to do for fall are. Leave me a comment below!

xo Jannine

Get your fall bucket lists ready with this fun list of 15 fun things to do for fall!

Get your fall bucket lists ready with this fun list of 15 fun things to do for fall!