Wow, I can’t believe HSF is already 2 years old! Time has gone by so fast, while at the same time so much has changed and I’ve learned so much over the past two years. Although I’ve started to share a little bit about me with my pregnancy experiences and such I thought I would share a little bit more with a 50 things about me post so we can get to know each other more. I’d love to get to know you a little bit more too. Please share a few random facts about you in the comments below 🙂

  1. I’ve been vegetarian for about a year and a half
  2. I’ve been thinking about going vegan, but may just put a focus on minimally consuming dairy and being choosier where it comes from
  3. 2017 is the first year in 10 years that I switched from red hair and started growing out my natural hair colour
  4. In 2017 I got engaged, found out I was pregnant and got married all within 5 months
  5. I am so grateful to have truly found a partner with Matt, I love him more than anything and we truly are a great team in every way I could ask for
  6. I can’t wait to meet our baby Logan this month
  7. We chose the name Logan because we like the name, and we based it off Wolverine
  8. I love pineapple, and anyone who loves pineapple needs to have a pineapple cutter, it makes things so much easier and you can drink the juice right out of the pineapple, it’s all about the simple pleasures in life
  9. I like white chocolate over milk chocolate
  10. I love mini eggs and used to buy some everytime I went grocery shopping
  11. Right now I’m focussing on trimming down my sugar intake and opting for more natural healthy options
  12. Purple is my favourite colour
  13. I love my newly decorated purple office
  14. This blog was started as a school project in hopes of it becoming bigger
  15. This year I’m really focussing on making it my full-time income
  16. I am so attached to my planner, I wouldn’t be able to get anything done without it
  17. I’m a huge list person and generally always have a notebook on hand
  18. I love cute stationary and can’t resist buying cute notebooks and pens when I find them on sale
  19. Chapters Indigo is my favourite place to buy stationary
  20. When I was younger I lived on a 30ft sailboat with my Dad and Brother while it stayed docked in Victoria
  21. I drive a standard vehicle
  22. I listen to Joe Rogan podcasts all the time
  23. I’ve started to fall in love with essential oils
  24. I primarily diffuse them and would love to learn more about using them topically
  25. I generally only buy natural products for anything that I put on or in my body or can breathe in
  26. I have super sensitive teeth and was very surprised that my natural Young Living Thieves toothpaste works great and didn’t make my teeth feel sensitive
  27. I’m a Pisces born March 3rd
  28. I turn 28 this year
  29. I love action and science fiction movies/tv shows
  30. I can go through tv series on Netflix way too fast
  31. I used to design and sew my own clothes including an awesome skirt made of ties that I made when I was around 14
  32. I’m really looking forward to making kids Halloween costumes and organizing fun birthday parties
  33. Because of my birthday, I’ve always had a thing for 3’s and 6’s
  34. I love quotes and having some posted and on my phone and my computer
  35. I really want to skydive and think I’ll do it for my 30th birthday if I don’t do it before then
  36. I love smarties ice cream and am still so disappointed that Dairy Queen and McDonald’s stopped making Smarties Blizzards/McFlurries
  37. I’ve lived on my own or with roommates since I was 16
  38. I’m a high school drop out that went back to get my GED, do upgrading, and get my college diploma
  39. The smell of resin and fiberglass always makes me think of my Dad
  40. The smell of rose always makes me think of my mom
  41. I’m not a big sports person but I can get into watching hockey
  42. I wore glasses and contacts from the age of 5 until I got laser eye surgery 2 years ago
  43. I used to dance jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and ballet, and have even performed at Disney Land and I performed in the Nutcracker at our local Royal Theatre
  44. I love mac and cheese, it’s the ultimate comfort food and I need to find a tasty vegan recipe I can make at home
  45. My favourite dessert is either apple pie with ice cream or strawberry cheesecake
  46. I have 9 tattoos and want more
  47. We have 3 dogs, Smeegle is my 11 year old baby mexi dog mutt, Baby is our lovable 8 year old boston terrier, and Blue is our big handful 2 year old pitbull cross rescue
  48. I love hot yoga and can’t wait to do it again after I’ve healed from birth
  49. I also really like doing zumba
  50. One of my favourite places to visit is my grandmas cabin that floats in the middle of a lake

There ya have it 50 facts about me to help you get to know me a little bit better. I’d love to get to know you a little bit better, leave me a few facts about you in the comments below.

xo Jannine