Pregnancy is a crazy weird journey with lots of things going on with the body. I’ve found it really helpful to see what other women have gone through so I can see what may be in store for me and if I’m normal or not. Although some of these things are kind of embarrassing and TMI I wanted to share it with you so you can see what may happen to you, and if you have some of the same things you can feel normal knowing it happens to other women too. This is a breakdown of my big pregnancy symptoms in the 2nd trimester. I had filmed a 1st trimester update, but I can’t seem to find it and will have to refilm it based off of my notes. So stay tuned for a 1st trimester, and a 3rd trimester update.

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Ligament Pains

Ligament pains happened A LOT during the beginning of the 2nd trimester. They’re a sharp pain similar to stitches in your side that can happen in different areas around your abdomen. Luckily they only tended to last for a couple of seconds.

Be Careful When You Sneeze

Speaking of abdomen pains, whenever I would sneeze while lying flat on my back in bed I would get a terrible sharp pain up and down the front of my stomach that lasted a lot longer than ligament pains. I think it has to do with the muscles contracting when they’re already stretched all weird as my tummy grows. I learned quickly and whenever I feel a sneeze coming when I’m lying in bed I make sure to roll over to my side and curl in a ball so I don’t get any shooting pains.

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Big Poops

This is totally embarrassing and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put it out there on the internet, but I was super weirded out about it because I  hadn’t heard of it happening to anyone else. After I spoke with my midwife it turns out that it’s a totally normal thing due to the prenatal vitamins and everything else going on with the pregnant body. So in an effort to make you feel more normal if it happens to you I’ll put it all out there.

I’ve started getting super big poops in diameter. They aren’t fun and would plug up the toilet #SeriouslySoEmbarrassing. The good news is, it’s totally normal and happens to lots of pregnant ladies #ThankfullyItsNotJustMe. In an effort to make things a bit smoother in that department my midwife has recommended that I use Restoralax to soften things up and it seems to have really helped. If this happens to you make sure you talk to your doctor or midwife to see what they recommend. Pregnant women have to be very careful when it comes to laxatives or any medication at all.

Heart Burn Woes

Heartburn has been absolutely terrible and getting worse and worse as the 2nd trimester progresses, and it keeps on going into the 3rd trimester #FanFrickenTastic. There’s lots of tips out there about avoiding foods that cause it, and not eating before bed, but to be honest, for me, it seems like everything gives me heartburn, and although not eating directly before bed helps, I still get it into the night quite frequently.

What has helped so far are tums.  I haven’t stepped it up to anything else because that worries me and I rather just deal with it. I also have upped my pillows so I’m more elevated when I go to sleep. It’s super uncomfortable on my neck and back, but it makes it so I can actually sleep #PickYourBattles. After one of my nighttime pee breaks at around 4:00 am I can generally cut the pillows back down to my usual one.

Find out what your can expect to experience during the 2nd trimester.

Sore Back and Sciatic Pain

Back pain has really sucked. It seems to move around from lower back pain, to up my spine, to across my shoulders, and brutal with my ribs. Exercising also seems to cause some sciatic pain. All of it comes and goes and it just seems to be a part of the game and you just kind of have to deal with it. The main thing thats helped is to keep good posture, and not arch my back too much as my belly grows. I also find that my body seems to get used to things and it passes over time.

Body Pillows Are Life

Body pillows are also the only thing that seems to be able to make me comfortable. I use it in bed, and switch it from side to side as I roll over. I also carry it down to the couch and wrap it around my back. Don’t waste anytime, if you’re pregnant get a body pillow ASAP. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

Find out what pregnancy symptoms might experience during the 2nd trimester.

Feeling the Baby Move

Feeling the baby move has been the most exciting thing about the 2nd trimester. I first felt him move when I was around 20 weeks, and now at 29 weeks I feel him constantly and it’s so so neat. Matt’s actually able to feel him quite a bit now which is really special for each of us <3



There ya have it, all of the super weird, kinda gross, and totally magical things that I have experienced during the 2nd trimester with baby Logan. Good luck with your pregnancy, and know that every woman, and every pregnancy is totally different. Each one has it’s own weird set of symptoms, but know that you’re not alone when something super weird and embarrassing happens to you. If you’ve gone through a pregnancy I’d love to hear what your experience has been. Leave us a comment with the weirdest pregnancy symptom you’ve had to deal with.

xo Jannine

What to expect during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Find out what pregnancy symptoms you can expect during the 2nd trimester.