Essential oils have countless benefits, and many of them are great for skin. For the past few months I’ve been doing some experimenting and have come up with these 5 essential oil beauty DIY’s that have worked well for me and others. There can be so many chemicals hidden in beauty products under the guise of fragrance, parfum, and even essential oil blend. Avoid these all together and see some awesome benefits by making your own beauty DIY’s.

All of these are fairly simple to make and take a few key ingredients. The supplies and carrier oils can be found on Amazon, and I use Simply Earth for the essential oils, but you can use any high quality brand. Most will have their own blends that are similar to the Simply Earth blends.

5 essential oil skin care recipes that help grow lashes, reduce acne, minimize pores, diminish scars, and more.

Scars Be Gone

This roll on works so well! I was a little doubtful at first, but after trying out this Scars Be Gone roll on I can tell you that it really does work. I badly burned the side of my wrist on our wood stove one morning, and all of the darkness left the scar within a few weeks of using this roll on every couple of days.

Add essential oil blend to roll on and top up with jojoba oil.

Acne Serum

This acne serum has really helped during my crazy pregnancy breakouts. Over the last few weeks my skin has cleared up so much, in part due to regulating hormones, but I know this serum has played a big part. Whenever I see a breakout starting to rear it’s ugly head, I put this serum on at night and by the morning it’s already calmed down a lot. I did find it to be a bit drying if I applied it all over my face, but it works quite well after cleansing when it’s applied to troublesome spots, then apply moisturizer all over.

Add essential oils to lotion bottle, top with jojoba oil.

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Frankincense in Your Moisturizer

Frankincense has many benefits for skin. It can help with acne, minimizing pores, preventing wrinkles, and it helps firm skin, so basically it helps with all of your problem areas.  To start seeing some of these benefits all you have to do is put a few drops in your usual moisturizer. Start with 5 and make sure your skin reacts well, and you can easily go up to 20 drops.

Makeup Remover

I have been using this makeup remover blend for sooo long. Coconut oil works great at removing makeup and it’s nice and gentle on your face and eyes. The oils used in this blend are meant to help you relax as you take off your makeup in the evening.

The oils mix together more evenly if you melt the coconut oil first, but it is not necessary if you don’t have the time to do it. To melt the coconut oil, place it in the jar and place the jar in a pot of boiling water. Once the coconut oil is melted mix the essential oils into it, and let stand to solidify. Use a nickel sized piece, warm up by rubbing it in your hands, then gently rub your face to remove your makeup at night. Works great at removing eye makeup!

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Lash Serum

I’ve only just started using this lash serum in the past few days because I needed to get some supplies, so I can’t speak from personally experience, but I’ve heard soooooo many good things about it! Stay tuned on my IG Stories to see what I experience after a few weeks.

Add essential oils to mascara tube and fill to the top with castor oil. Apply to lashes in the evening after you have washed and moisturized your face.


There you have 5 simply essential oil beauty DIY’s. I personally use all of these everyday and can speak to how great they work. I hope you find something that works well for you, and if you try it please share about it on social media and make sure to tag @HappyStylishFit and use the hashtag #HSFLife.

xo Jannine

5 DIY essential oil skin care recipes including lash serum, makeup remover, acne serum, and more.