Instagram is a big source of outfit and beauty inspiration for me, and I’m sure it is for you too. That’s why I’ve brought together this list of 5 fashion and beauty Instagram accounts to follow. Most of these I have been following since I joined Instagram a few years ago, and I’ve found so much inspiration from them. If you haven’t already, make sure you check me out on Instagram¬†@HappyStylishFit for even more Instagram oufit inspiration, beauty finds, and more.

Click to see what Instagram accounts to follow for some serious fashion and beauty inspiration.Click to see what Instagram accounts to follow for some serious fashion and beauty inspiration.


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This girl has some serious makeup game. I’m frequently inspired by her different makeup, hair, and nail looks. I’ve been following her account since she was in the tens of thousands, and now she is at a whopping 2.2 million #slay. Follow her to drool over her gorgeous makeup looks.


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Kimberly has quite the closet, and I love looking at her photos for fashion inspiration. All of her looks are feminine and girly, and are outfits that I would actually wear. Follow her for some serious outfit inspiration #closetgoals.


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Sazan is a sweet, fashionable YouTuber who I absolutely adore. Her account is a blend of personal pics, and fashion and beauty pics, with the occassional yummy meal shot. Follow her for for fashion inspiration and pictures that put a smile on your face.


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Alva Jay sure knows how to use her makeup. Her account mixes makeup looks with short how to makeup videos. I love the videos because it actually gives you an idea of how to recreate some of these amazing makeup looks. Follow her to inspire you to up your makeup game.


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Hippie Fashion X is a fun account to follow with their photos ranging from awe inspiring boho fashion looks, to smiling watermelons and everything in between. Follow them to embrace your inner hippy and have some serious outfit envy.

There you have it, 5 of my favourite fashion and beauty Instagram accounts that I follow. I hope you check them out and find some inspiration for yourself.

xo Jannine