I worked retail for 5 years which provided me with great discounts and the knowledge of how to shop the sales at my local malls. I’m a sucker for a deal, and I love following new trends. With my shopoholic tendencies I’ve acquired ALOT of clothes and fashion related items. My collection is so big that my friends like to shop my closet when they have an event or a trip coming up. I have also moved over 7 times since I started working retail and my clothing obsession came into full force. With having such a collection, and moving so many times I have become a pro at closet organization. These are my 5 tips for closet organization.

Pin now, save for later! Keep your closet clean and organized with these 5 tips for closet organization.Pin now, save for later! Keep your closet clean and organized with these 5 tips for closet organization.


Logo Shirt and Bag Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit


If I could give you only one tip it would be to organize everything by type, and then by colour.

Almost every fashion type item I own is organized in this way, and it makes it soooo easy to find what I need. If I want to wear a cute tank with a cardigan and skinny jeans, I only have to look at each of those categories, rather than digging through my entire closet. If I want to wear a tank dress with a vest, again it’s super easy to find what I need.

Here’s the order I organize everything:Logo Shirts and Jeans Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit

  • Shirts
    • Basic tanks, crop tops, tanks, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeves
  • Other tops in my bedroom closet
    • Vests, cardigans, blazers, basic layering dresses, strapless dresses, rompers, short sleeve dresses, and long sleeve dresses
  • Other tops in my hallway closet
    • Hoodies, pleather jackets, thin/running jackets, and thick/winter coats
  • Jeans
    • Jeggings, distressed denim, bootcut, flares, and coloured/patterned jeans
  • Other bottoms
    • Fitted mini skirts, flowy mini skirts, denim shorts, other short-shorts, mid-length pencil skirts, midi skirts, bermuda shorts, long skirts, flowy summer pants, dress pants


This is a great space saver for closet organization. I keep multiple tank tops of the same colour on one hanger, and do the same thing with vests and dresses. I also put multiple similar skirts/shorts/pants on one hanger. It saves space, and makes it easy to find what you need. You have a flowy top and want a fitted skirt? Easy peasy, just pull out your hanger or 2 with all your fitted skirts on it.

#3 FIND METHODS THAT WORK FOR YOUScarves - Closet Organization - Happy Stylish Fit

Don’t force yourself to organize a certain way if it isn’t working for you.

Some people hate folding. If this is you then hang as much as you can, and keep the folding simple. Basic tanks and most pants can be easier to fold compared to sweaters and flowy cardigans, but if you have the space and hangers, hang that stuff up! I found that my folded tank tops were constantly messy from pulling a different tank out each day. I decided to try hanging them on hangers in a similar way that I hang pants, and I love it! Now I keep all of my basic tanks on hangers organized by colour. If I need a basic black tank top all I have to do is pull out 1 hanger, make my choice, and put the hanger back. Easy peasy!

If you are limited on hanging space then find folding methods that works for you. I have a HUGE scarf collection. If I were to hang my scarves it would take up too much space that I don’t have. To solve this problem I have an easy method for folding them. It keeps my scarves organized, and they only take up 1 shelf section of my closet. On the other hand hanging scarves works really well for people who have a more reasonable selection. Find what works for you.

#4 KEEP YOUR ACCESSORIES GROUPED TOGETHERLogo Shirt and Bag Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit

Ever find it a struggle to find a certain belt, or a toque that you haven’t worn in a while? Avoid stressing yourself out searching for that particular accessory by keeping you accessories organized!

Again, find a method that works for you. There’s plenty of different belt hangers, or if you have short shelves like I do, you can roll them and organize them by colour. I also keep my winter accessories organized together. My toques, gloves, and headbands are all stacked together.

Keep your purses organized by size and colour. I’ve always found the top shelves of closets to be perfect for purses. They have just enough height, and keep them out of the way. I then keep all of my purses that are on regular rotation organized by the front door.

#5 THE OVERFLOW BASKETLogo Outfits and Overflow Basket Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit

We’ve all been there. Rushing around to go out for the night, trying on multiple outfits, and leaving your room an absolute mess from clothes strewn about everywhere. I avoid destroying my room by having a clean laundry basket on the floor of my closet. Whenever I’m trying on different items, or have gently worn an item, and I don’t have the time or feel like putting it away right away, I toss it in my clean overflow basket.

Once a week I dump out the overflow basket and put everything away. A simple way to keep your closet organized!


Closet organization doesn’t stop at the closet. Keeping an organized dresser is equally important. That’s why I included 3 bonus tips for keeping your dresser organized.

Logo Dresser Organization Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit

#1 BRAS AND BATHING SUITSLogo Bathing Suits Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit

I have struggled to find a way to keep my bras and bathing suits organized. I wanted a system that made it easy to find what I wanted, and took up as little space as possible. For something that isn’t very noticeable under clothes, bras sure can take up a lot of space!

I stopped fighting the shape of my bras, and started keeping them within each other, and of course organized by colour. I do the same thing with my bathing suits and it has helped so much in saving space, and making it easy to find what I need.

#2 SOCKS AND UNDIESLogo Socks and Undies Dresser Organization Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit

I was a little hesitant to share about socks and undies, too much information right? But they’re something we all have and use, and it’s a particular drawer that can get messy quick, so I decided to include it in my dresser organization tips.

I fold my socks within each other in cute little bundles. They barely take up any space, and are easy to squish together depending on how many you have.  I also stack my undies by type. My comfy booty shorts are towards the back. My lacey full bum styles are together, and lacey thongs, and plainer thongs each have a stack. Again, organizing by type makes it easy peasy to find what I want.

#3 JEWELERY ORGANIZATIONLogo Jewelry Closet Organization Happy Stylish Fit

Many people keep their jewelry boxes on their dresser so I thought I would include it under dresser organization. For jewelry I find it important to find what works for you. There are so many organizer stands available making it easy to find something that suits your needs. I have a great multi-purpose stand from Icing that I keeps bracelets on the inside, earrings on the main outside panel, and necklaces hung off other hooks. I also love my necklace tree that was given to me years ago from a friend. It stays put with lots of weight on it, and looks cute!

Over time I’ve changed my love for big earrings to a love of wearing cute studs, and have found it hard to find organizers for. I bought small clear plastic containers from the dollar store that work great for stud earring organization! I also keep a container for earrings I can only find 1 of.  I always seem to find the second earring after I’ve thrown out the lone wolf. Now I stay optimistic and put the lone wolfs into the container, and have been happy to find many matches over time.

I hope you’ve found these closet organization tips to be helpful. I’d love to hear your tips, please leave a comment below!

xo Jannine