This is a list of fitness apps that I actually use. All of them are great for different things, from tracking your running stats, to helping you stay on track with your water goals, to helping you stay motivated with a killer workout playlist, this list has you covered on all bases. I’m an Android girl, so all apps are available on Android. Most of them are available on iOS as well, and if they aren’t, then there are very similar ones available for Apple users. I’ll leave a comment below each app to let you know it’s availability.


Android, similar fitness apps on iOS

This app is great for building the habit of moving around and adding a small amount of activity to your day. It guides you through a simple 7 minute workout consisting of 12 exercises. You do as many of each exercise as you can in the 30 second time limit, with 5 second breaks in between. The exercises can be done almost anywhere, and are office friendly – the only equipment need is a chair, and a wall. You are able to go at your own pace by only doing as much as you can during the 30 second time limit.

Included exercises:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Wall sit
  • Push-up
  • Abdominal crunch
  • Step-up onto chair
  • Squat
  • Triceps dip on chair
  • Plank
  • High knees, running in place
  • Lunge
  • Push-up and rotation
  • Side plank

HIIT INTERVAL TRAINING TIMER6 fitness apps to motivate you, track your stats, and help you achieve your goals - Happy Stylish Fit

Android, similar fitness apps on iOS

This is my most used workout app. The HIIT Interval Training Timer is exactly what the name says – it’s an easy to use interval timer. You set your prep time, work time, rest time, total number of rounds, and your cool down time. Once you hit go the app alerts you of when to progress through each stage of your workout.

I like that there are different options for the notification noise – whistle (my favourite), buzzer, yoga, and voice. You can also select the 3 second ticks which tick to warn you of the next alert coming in 3 seconds. This app works while other apps are running – you can still listen to your music, and map your run while using the interval training timer.


Android & iOS

This is a great app for tracking your running progress, and finding new routes close to your area. Based on the information you put into the app, it records a number of stats, and alerts you of your progress while you are running. All your workouts are logged so you can compare your personal progress.

Stats recorded:6 fitness apps to motivate you, track your stats, and help you achieve your goals - Happy Stylish Fit

  • Map
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Pace
  • Split pace
  • Type of activity
  • Calories burned

I also really like this app for being able to discover new routes. If you have moved, are visiting, or just want to try running in a different area you can look up routes that other people have made public. Map my Run shows the route on a map, includes the length of the route, and how close it is to your location.

It is important to be mindful of the privacy settings. You are able to set privacy to private, just friends, or public. If you choose public everyone will be able to see your route. I am personally ok with sharing my route with other people. I think it adds to the social community aspect of the app, and helps others discover your routes, just as you may want to discover other peoples routes. That being said, make sure you start the app when you are at the public trail. I used to live half a block away from where I would run, and would start the app as soon as I walked out the door. Later I realized I was basically giving the public directions to get to my house. I quickly deleted those routes, and began starting the app as soon as I hit the trail.

WATER DRINK6 fitness apps to motivate you, track your stats, and help you achieve your goals - Happy Stylish Fit

Android, similair fitness apps on iOS

Besides social media apps, this is probably my most used app on my phone. I’ve talked about Water Drink in my November/December Favourites post because I use it multiple times a day, every day. I use it to track the amount of water I drink throughout the day. You log the water you have drank, and it reminds you when you are falling behind on your progress. You can also look back on your stats by checking your drink report, and compare your daily progress to your averages for the week, month, and year. I love, love, love this app!


Android & iOS

I use 8tracks all the time, both on desktop, and through the app. 8tracks is a playlist app where you can discover new playlist based on keywords like workout, chill, indie, or whatever music vibes your are searching for. You can upload playlists, or create collections of other playlists. I love this app because you can listen to a new playlist every time you workout. I don’t know about you, but I find it super motivating to have an upbeat playlist, that I can’t predict every song that will come up.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this app uses data. Make sure to use it when you are connected to wifi, unless you’re ok with the data charges. The app is free, and simple to use. If you’re curious about what the playlists are like you can check out my workout playlist collection.

ROCK MY RUN6 fitness apps to motivate you, track your stats, and help you achieve your goals - Happy Stylish Fit

Android & iOS

This is a great music app for running on trails. You download the playlist while you are on wifi. That way you don’t use data while you are on the go. Playlists are created around ideal beats per minute (bpm). You can search by genre and keywords, and the bpm is listed up front. When I use this app I find I run harder and faster without even realizing it. It’s a fantastic motivator! If you are finding your runs to be a bit lacklustre and you are lacking motivation to really push yourself, then try this app out.

There are free and paid options. The free option has a huge library of playlists, most of which are roughly 30 minutes or shorter. If you are loving the app and want to use it for longer durations then you can upgrade to the paid option and unlock all of the longer playlists.


I find these fitness apps to be very helpful for me, and I hope you can find them to be helpful as well. I’d love to hear about what fitness apps you use, please leave me a comment below.

xo Jannine

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6 fitness apps to motivate you, track your stats, and help you achieve your goals - Happy Stylish Fit