Hacks always make our life easier, and as a mom, I have even less time to do my hair and love any useful hack I can get my hands on. I still like to look put together, but if I can find a way to do it quicker and easier I’m all for it. I’ve tested out a lot of hair hacks and not all of them work, but all of the hacks listed below have helped me in different ways and I’m sure they’ll help you too!

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#1 Put Your Hair in a Bun at Night For Wavy Locks in the Morning

There’s no need for fancy curlers or frustrating headbands and other products, all you need to do is twist your hair up into a bun at night. It keeps your hair up and out of the way while you’re sleeping so it doesn’t get super crazy, and in the morning you’re left with a loose wave in your hair. Secure it with a spiral stretchy elastic and you will be less likely to have any elastic dents in your hair, if you don’t you may need to use a straightener real quick, or my favourite, hide the dent by wearing your hair half up.

#2 Apply Dry Shampoo Correctly

Check out this all natural hair care routine that is sure to leave your hair nice and healthy without exposing your body to any of those nasty chemicals found in traditional hair products.

If you’re like me dry shampoo is your best friend, but sometimes you might find white flakes left in your hair, or that it didn’t absorb all of the oil like you had hoped. If this sounds like you then these tips should help leave your 2, 3, or 4+ day old hair looking great.

Hold the Canister 12 Inches Away From Your Head

Many of us can hold the canister too close to our heads which can leave white flecks in your hair. Make sure you are holding the dry shampoo 12 – 18 inches from your head as you evenly spray along your roots.

Let the Dry Shampoo Sit in Your Hair For a Few Minutes

Another common mistake is to brush out the dry shampoo immediately after applying it which doesn’t give it the time it needs to soak up that grease. Make sure you are letting it sit for a few minutes before brushing it out. I like to spray the dry shampoo before doing my makeup and return to doing my hair after my face is beautified.

Bonus Tip* Quickly Blow Dry Your Hair

Have a special outing but don’t feel like washing, drying, and styling your hair? Dry shampoo to the rescue! Apply dry shampoo using the tips above and finish with a quick blow dry as you brush the dry shampoo through your dry hair. You may want to quickly use a curling iron or straight iron, but you’ll have skipped the long washing and drying process and your hair will look great!

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#3 Make You Bobby Pins Extra Grippy

Have fine soft hair that bobby pins keep falling out of? Give your bobby pins some extra tack by spraying them with hairspray before you use them. Place them in a shot glass or normal glass, give them a few sprays, let them sit for a minute or two and you’re good to go with some extra grippy bobby pins.

#4 Use a Shower Cap

7 Hair hacks to make life easier when styling your hair.

This hair hack isn’t just for old ladies. Keep your hair dry and further lengthening your time between washes by using a shower cap.

#5 Give Yourself An All Day Hair Mask

Need to add some mega-moisture to your hair? Wear a hair mask in your hair all day long by putting it up in a bun after applying the mask, no one will be the wiser! Not recommended for a work day, but perfect for doing chores or running errands.

#6 Tame Flyaways With a Toothbrush

Have trouble getting those little pieces to stay down? Tame flyaways with a toothbrush and a little hairspray. Spray hairspray into your hair and then pull the toothbrush through your hair to get those little suckers to stay down.

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#7 Shrink Your Spiral Plastic Hair Elastics

Do you have super stretched out spiral hair elastics? Put them in a bowl and pour some boiled water over them and you’ll be amazed as you watch them shrink!


There ya have it, 7 hair hacks to help you with your mornings. Do you have a favourite hair hack not listed? Share with us below!

xo Jannine

Check out these 7 hair hacks to make your life easier while still having great hair care. #HairHacks #NewMom #FirstTimeMom #QuickMorningRoutine #HairCare