This week has been a very hectic week for me. It started out with a quick trip up to Powell River to visit with family after learning that my Great Grandma wasn’t doing too well. The week has ended with some more really big news that’s quite exciting, but I can’t share with everyone quite yet. Needless to say my work has been all over the place this week and there won’t be a video out today. Instead I’m going to share with you 7 awesome Instagram accounts that I love to follow and I know you’ll love them too.


Savilla is a Style Collective sister, and I love following her account. She always has such cute outfit inspiration and all on a budget. I’m always amazed by the deals she finds and her awesome shoe and earring collection.


Victoria is another super cute Style Collective sister. Her outfits are always adorable, and her stories are always fun to follow along.


Brenna is such an adorable loving person. Her account is filled with delicious food and positivity inspiration. I love following along with her stories where she gives tons of great overall health tips from beauty to nutrition.

? LET’S TALK SKINCARE ? so basically I used to have no breakouts ever but through switching medication I was on (a.k.a the pill) my skin totally freaked out. then I freaked out and ran to my dermatologist. unfortunately he had no desire to treat my skin naturally and gave me antibiotics and heavy ointments. it made me breakout worse, and trust me I tried to stick with it and see it through but when months went by and it was just getting worse I decided to go back to basics. through managing my diet, hormones, and using only @frankandwhit skincare my skin is now under control. It feels SO GOOD to not be horribly insecure and covered in foundation (totally hate wearing makeup) if you are looking to switch up your skincare routine I HIGHLY encourage you to try @frankandwhit their oak lane face mask is a must have for acne prone skin, as well as their face serum (I do oil cleansing twice daily with it.) you can use my code ‘LETTUCEBEHAPPY’ for 20% off all your orders ?? also in case you were wondering NO I don’t get paid to say this, I just really am passionate about this company, their products, and their message ??

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Samantha is another cute, healthy, adorable babe and SC sis. On her feed you’ll find lots of motivation, healthy recipes, workouts, and more.

Marissa Lace

I have been following Marissa for over a year since she started her Year of You which is all about focussing on you, getting to know yourself and placing importance on self care. You may have noticed some very similar things here at Happy Stylish Fit, and that’s because Marissa and her mission is a source of inspiration for me. She also has the best Facebook group ever that you should also check out if you’re into all that new age, self love, and an amazing supportiv community.

because sometimes we don’t hear it enough and just in case no one told you today.. YOU matter & YOU are loved???

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I’ve followed Wahaj since I started on Instagram. She’s a fellow Canadian that has an awesome sense of style and is so real in her stories. They may run on and on, but they’re awesome and I love getting to know her and totally relating to her through her account. The picture below is a little old, but I’m so obsessed with the jacket!


I fell in love with Trista’s beautiful designs at Victoria Fashion Week, and have since had the pleasure of assisting on some of her shoots with her. She creates amazing designs out of reclaimed fabrics and collaborates on absolutely stunning editorial photo shoots with our local fashion talent. Lately she’s been on a white dress kick making stunning creations out of old table clothes and curtains, and I’m so excited for her to create my wedding dress!

There ya have it 7 awesome Instagram accounts to follow that I love checking into every day. Next week will get back to a regular posting schedule with a fun makeup tutorial and giveaway planned for next Friday and a double Mail Monday on Monday featuring Ipsy and Goddess Provisions.

xo Jannine