There’s nothing worse than losing a button on a shirt, or getting a big run in your tights while you’re in the middle of your day. That’s why I like to keep a few trusty items with me to solve these fashion dilemmas right away. It’s a good idea to have a small bag that you can use as a fashion emergency kit that easily moves from purse to purse. After you see it’s usefulness you’ll never leave the house without it again. You’ll always be ready to face fashion/beauty mishaps that try to ruin your day.

You need these items in your fashion emergency kit to stop any fashion disaster in it's tracks.


Style Stick is my #1 fashion emergency item for how versatile it is. This little stick of wonder is essentially a fashion glue stick with the versatility of duct tape. The possibilities are endless. Some of the ways it can be used are:

  • Fix fallen hems, or changing hemlines
  • Close gaps in-between buttons
  • Keep your deep neckline in place
  • Hold your socks up
  • Stop the ends of your scarf from sticking up
  • Keep your collar down
  • Hold folded shirt cuffs in just the right place
  • Get your pocket to sit properly
  • Tuck away bra straps


I don’t know about you, but the biggest fashion issue I deal with is hurt feet from painful shoes. It’s a great idea to keep a spare pair of flats in your car, but that’s not doable for everyone or every situation. That’s why I always have some band aids with me. They’re so small and discreet you can take them anywhere. It’s a good idea to have at least 1 large one and 2 small ones. You should be able to fix almost any issue with these few sizes. Bonus tip – don’t cheap out when it comes to bandaids on your feet. It’s so frustrating to have band aids constantly falling out of place. I like Band-Aid brand waterproof bandages.

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Life adds stress to your hair and it’s easy for your cute hairstyle to slowly fall out of place throughout your day. That’s why these hair essentials are fashion emergency kit must haves. They’re small and easy to carry. Pin that fallen hair in place, or restyle your hair entirely. It’ll be easy to do when you keep these simple items in your kit. Bonus tip – keep your bobby pins together with a small piece of cardstock or thicker paper. 


I love wearing tights and boots, and frequently find myself snagging them on different things throughout the season. Clear nail polish can stop a small snag in it’s tracks before it turns into a full on run up and down your tights – nobody wants that! Nail polish can be a little large to carry around in small purses, so it’s nice to use small bottles that come in gift sets.


Stop that snagged nail before it turns into something worse with your handy dandy nail file. Like band aids, nail files are small and portable making it easy to bring almost everywhere. You may not need it all the time, but you’ll sure be happy when the time comes to use it. Bonus tip – keep one in your car for easy regular maintenance. 

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As you can probably imagine, a mirror comes in handy for many different situations. You can check to see if something is stuck in your teeth, check if your lipstick is on right, check if you accidentally wiped your eye makeup weird, and so on, and so on.


I store my fashion emergency kit in one of my Ipsy bags so it can swap purses easily. Sometimes you may need to take most of the items out to fit in a smaller purse, and you can also add to it if you’re like me and like to have things for any situation that may come up. Some other items you can add are:

  1. Tissue paper
  2. Shoe cushions
  3. Small foldable flats
  4. Small lint roller
  5. Deoderant removing sponge
  6. Deoderant
  7. Chapstick
  8. Gum/mints
  9. Small sewing kit
  10. Seamless nude underwear


You need these items in your fashion emergency kit to stop any fashion disaster in it's tracks.

It can be helpful to keep a bigger stash in your car or office with your essentials in your purse. Is there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

xo Jannine

You need these items in your fashion emergency kit to stop any fashion disaster in it's tracks.

You need these items in your fashion emergency kit to stop any fashion disaster in it's tracks.