Hi, I’m Jannine!

Motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks after having my first. I was so excited to become a mom and start a family, but was not prepared for how easy it is completely lose yourself while trying to care for a colicky terrible sleeping baby and having absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

Most of what I saw on social media was a picture perfect view of this fairytale of motherhood that didn’t relate to my journey at all. That’s why I’ve set out to help young moms find balance between their new role as a mother and refinding that special part of themselves that makes them feel like them.

I do this through sharing tips and tricks, and relatable content. Here you’ll be able to find:

  • Activities for your little ones
  • Recipes and meal planning for busy families
  • Style tips to help you feel great about yourself
  • DIY’s and room makeovers for your home
  • and so much more

I so appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read this. Your support is what helps keep me going to help more of you through this crazy adventure. I love connecting with you and am happy to help with any questions. Please take a look around and join me on social media where you’ll find my Mom Truth Mondays and Fashion Fridays.

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A Little Bit More About Me

Over the last 10 years I’ve gone from a highschool dropout party girl to creating the life I knew I wanted for myself. I worked hard to put myself through college while managing a business and took a leap of faith to leave that behind and build my own business as a Digital Marketer and Influencer. Meanwhile I married the man of my dreams and we’re creating the stable family I always wished for.

In 2018 we moved away from the city (Victoria BC) on Vancouver Island, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada when my son was just 4 months old. Now we’re in the process of making our small town 1990’s house the home we have envisioned. It feels like a never ending project but I love watching my ideas come to life and yard work is surprisingly enjoyable!

With having two small kids and two small dogs I’ve become a bit of a homebody, partially because I love my home and partially because the thought of packing up the kids and dealing with them while out and about is a little overwhelming at this point. On the weekends you can generally find me spending time with family, making tasty food, and if weather permits, having backyard bonfires. I’m very outdoorsy and can’t wait to get back into hiking, camping, quadding, and travelling as our kids get a little older. I’m also a huge organizational freak and am always creating lists and spreadsheets for one thing or another.

Thank you for visiting and please don’t feel shy, I love hearing from you through comments and on social media!

xo Jannine

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