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Barre is a great workout for your legs and your whole body making it a fantastic alternative to the gym! Classes are generally made up of a mix of movements taken from ballet, yoga, and pilates, although sometimes you can luck out and find completely dance based classes. It really works your muscles with high rep pulsing movements, while being easy on your joints.
Hand weights are often used with different movements to work your arms, it’ll be the heaviest 3 pound weight you’ve ever held! There are many different variations for different exercises, making it great for all skill levels.

If you enjoy dance, ballet, yoga, or pilates and want to try something new, then perhaps you should try barre! Most cities have studios that hold classes, they shouldn’t be too hard to find with a good google search 🙂 Here in Victoria Pole Trix is a great place to go for barre classes! She has years of dancer training, and creates her routines from a collection of ballet exercises. I loved taking her classes, but unfortunately my current school schedule doesn’t allow me to take them. I can’t wait until I can get back into barre! Not only are barre classes fun and a great workout, it gives you a great butt too!

If studio classes aren’t available in your area you can try YouTube videos or DVDs. When you’re at home you can do it at your own pace, get into the movements, and even get in to it with cute little leg warmers and a body suit just like Summer Girl Fitness in the second video! Who doesn’t want to act like a ballerina every once in a while 😉