As we all know, life goes by in the blink of an eye. Already my son has turned 2 and my baby girl is 6 months old! Every moment feels so special and like I will hold onto it forever, but as the days go by, everyday duties cycle through, new adventures begin, and I find myself unable to recall moments from the early days. I try to capture as many moments as I can on my phone, but I’m usually missing from the video because I’m the one capturing it. I wanted something more. Something that would freeze time and bring us back to those moments. Something that our family could look back at and instantly be transported to this stage of our lives and all the love that surrounds us. Bebe Films has blown me away with how she was able to do this and more with her Family Films.

Full disclosure, I received our family film in exchange for allowing BTS footage to be filmed and for creating this post. As with everything I post, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I never talk about anything that I don’t personally use and believe in. For more information you can view my disclosure page. 

Our Experience

Tenille from Bebe Films was amazing to work with. We started by talking about all of the special everyday moments we wanted to capture, the way we horse around on the floor together, the way Logan puts on his boots, the special bonding while breastfeeding Addi, reading to them before their naps, all of those little things that happen everyday, but won’t happen forever. Then as the day approached closer and closer Matt was so unhappy of the thought of having to be in front of the camera for a “silly” family video, but I reassured him we would be so happy to have this to look back on to do it for me and the kids. Guys are seriously the worst for getting the family photos and videos done, but are always so happy when they see it ????

When Tenille and Justin arrived (her hubs was helping with some behind the scenes footage) it didn’t take long for us to get comfortable. We basically carried on with an average day and ignored the cameras and before we knew it we were done and I was left anticipating the final film, and wow, did it not disappoint! Our film came in the mail in a cute little package complete with tissues (definitely needed!), popcorn, and printed stills from our session, it was the sweetest personalized packaging I’ve ever received. As each of us watched the film we immediately teared up, as did all of our family we showed it too. Both of us, yes my apprehensive hubs too, are beyond grateful to have this film to look back on when these days become a distant memory. Now I want one made every few years, because there really isn’t a better way of capturing these memories.

What Bebe Films Has to Offer

Tenille is a true master of her craft and is able to create films for any family memory you want to capture. This can include Milestones, Birthday’s, Newborn, Fresh 48, Day-in-the-Life, and Adventures. Bebe Films also does Cake Smash videos and has a gift registry which I wish I knew about when we weren’t looking for anything for our second child.


I cannot recommend Tenille and Bebe Films enough. She is a true master at her craft and these family films are priceless with how special they are for your family to look back on. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or reach out to me or Bebe Films on social media.

xo Jannine