I used to suck at plants! It was terrible, I’ve even killed multiple succulents 🙈 but I’ve always loved the feeling they bring into the home and have been determined to turn my black thumb green. Slowly over the last few years I’ve been successful at keeping more and more alive, and that’s in big part to my favourite garden center, GardenWorks Canada and them helping teach me which plants are good beginner plants and how to care for them.

The important thing to remember is that it’s better to underwater a plant than to overwater it which was totally my problem. I’d either never worry about it and realize it was dying months later, or I would think I was an amazing plant mom always caring for my plant babies, only to be drowning the poor thing to death, oops! So learn from my mistakes and choose a plant from this list that’s right for you and air on the side of underwatering, it’s easier to water more as you see brown tips on leaves, than to try and heal an overwatered plant with root rot. I’ve left a good little description for each plant so you can find the one that’s best for you depending on if you live in a basement suite or bright house, or if you frequently forget to water your plants or are working on learning a plant watering schedule.

7 Beginner Plants - Indoor Plants


When choosing a place to purchase your plants I highly recommend going to your local garden center, and if you’re in BC I recommend checking out GardenWorks. They tend to have healthier plants and can give you more information to help set you up for plant mama success. I’ve been going to GardenWorks for years because they’re always so friendly and helpful whether I’m looking for a new indoor plant or working on our outdoor garden.

Full disclosure, I have received compensation for working with GardenWorks. As with everything I post, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I never talk about anything that I don’t personally use and believe in. For more information you can view my disclosure page. 


Low Light Plants

Low light plants are great for living in a basement suite or place with limited windows because they don’t need a whole lot of sun to stay happy and healthy. Although these beginner plants will thrive in most lighting situations, make sure they don’t get too much direct sunlight.


ZZ Plant - Easy to Care for Indoor Plants

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants have been gaining popularity on Instagram, and for good reason, they look cute and they’re super easy to care for. This is one of the best plants for beginners because it’s very durable and can hold up to infrequent waterings. ZZ Plants also do great in bathrooms because they don’t need much water they can keep going from the humidity and minimal watering when you can remember. As with all plants make sure you don’t overwater it, ZZ Plants like to dry out before you water the soil again.


Snake Plant - Easy Indoor Beginner Plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plants are very similar to the care of ZZ Plants and are great for beginners if you’re someone who forgets to water their plants or goes away from home for lengthy periods of time. If you are more regular with watering make sure to let the soil dry out before wetting the soil again. You can tell that it’s too wet when it starts to get browny/yellow spots in the middle of their leaves. Snake plants are also notoriously slow growers, so if you’re wanting a bigger plant you’ll want to buy one close to the size you are hoping for, rather than wanting it to grow to size within a year or 2.


Monstera Deliciosa - 7 Easy Indoor Plants

Monstera Deliciosas

Monstera Deliciosas are very easy to care for indoor plants, and grow big beautiful split leaves as they mature which is why they can be referred to as Swiss Cheese Plants. They like a little more water than the previous plants. Make sure to let only the top 1 inch or so dry out between watering.


Peace Lily - Beginner Plant

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies like to have their soil evenly moist, but can withstand missed watering here and there making it one of those great beginner plants. Their flowers are generally white and the plant can reach up to 3 feet tall. If your flowers tend to be more green like the ones pictured above you’ll want to make sure you’re fertilizing it appropriately. Within a week of adding fertilizer the flower hood has already started turning white on my plant.


Pothos - Beginner Plant


Pothos are one of my favourite beginner plants because not only are they really easy to care for, but they’re also quite easy to propagate and make new plant babies with. They are durable and can withstand forgetful watering, but they really thrive when their soil is kept evenly moist. Once their tails get long you can cut them off below the leaf and place them in water to root.


Medium Light Plant

Medium light plants do well in rooms with regular exposure to the sun. They may not fare as well in a basement suite, but would do well anywhere they get lots of indirect light.


Spider Plant - Easy Indoor Plant

Spider Plant

Spider Plants are a great plant if you’ve mastered the zz plant or snake plant and want to step it up a bit. They don’t like drafts or lots of direct light so make sure they aren’t too close to windows. They’re very similar to Pothos in that they like evenly moist soil and are easy to propagate.


Bright Light Plant

Bright Light Plants love to soak in the sunshine. They do great really close to windows.


Peperomia - Easy Indoor Plants for Beginners

Peperomia Lemon Lime

Peperomia’s are a great indoor beginner plant because they’re very similar to succulents in that they like bright light and to let their soil dry out between watering. As long as you keep it close to a window they’ll be very forgiving if you forget to water it from time to time.


I hope you found this guide helpful. I’ve been really getting into plants lately and want to help anyone that is interested in getting better with plants. They’re not as hard as we can make them out to be and are so good for the soul in bringing nature inside our homes. They’ve also become a bit of self care for me. Prior to really getting into plants I felt like my entire day was either work or kids. My work was a hobby, but since turning it into more of a business and dealing with more deadlines and back end things it’s become more work. Taking care of my plant babies gives me time to unwind after the kids are in bed before I head to my office to get some hours in.

With wanting to share the love you can expect more plant content coming up like how to care for your plants and tips for propagating so you can get more plants for free 🙂 Let me know in the comments if there’s any specific topics you would like me to cover.

xo Jannine

7 Easy Indoor Plants for Beginners

7 Easy Indoor Plants

7 Beginner Plants for Indoors