Screen time can be such a controversial topic for some, but whether your kid is in front of a screen for hours a day, or closely monitored and time restricted, I think we can all agree that it’s great when they’re engaging with something that’s educational. But, not all apps are created equal and it’s surprisingly hard to find good ones that are age appropriate. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of best educational apps for toddlers.

All of them have been tested with my bundle of energy little toddler that’s just over 2 years old. He can be challenging to keep in one spot for very long, so if any of these apps can hold his attention for a decent amount of time, you know it’s a good one! The list includes a variety of kids apps, and depending on the age and development of your toddler you’re sure to find at least one that they’ll like. They work on a mix of skills including speech development, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and more, and can be used together for educational bonding time, or used independently so you can get stuff done.

Top 5 best educational apps for toddlers that work on speech development, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and more. Many of these are free toddler apps, and some have a paid component.

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Best Apps for Toddlers

Best Educational Apps for Toddlers #5 – Learn First Words

Learn First Words is exactly like the popular books. There’s 10 categories to choose from, animals, vegetables, house, clothes, body, outside, fruit, vehicles, bathroom, and food. Your toddler can navigate through each category by hitting the arrows. As they go through a new image pops up and they can hear what the item is. It’s a simple app that’s helpful to use with your child to help them learn basic words.


Best Educational App for Toddlers #4 – Animal Sounds for Baby

This app is brightly illustrated with fun animations for kids. Using the arrows they’re able to toggle between the animals, and when the animal is clicked on it makes the animal noise and says the animal name. The music helps keep kids entertained, but I found it didn’t hold my toddlers attention for too long unless I was doing it with him.

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Best Educational App for Toddlers #3 – Preschool Learning Games Kids with Abby Monkey

This app has a paid component, but your toddler is able to enjoy the free portion without having to enter any credit card information. The basic game walks through completing patterns and matching shapes and numbers. It seems better suited for 3-4+ year olds, but my 2 year old still enjoys it when I’m able to sit down with him and help give direction.

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Best Educational App for Toddlers #2 – Speech Blubs

Speech Blubs has been really helpful for my speech delayed 2 year old. After using it for a few days we unlocked the paid version which includes 25 different categories that each contain a wide range of words. A diverse group of kids takes turns saying the words quickly and slowly so your toddler can see the mouth movements involved. It also comes with cute camera overlays and funny videos for every single word and there’s mini games and songs sprinkled throughout the activities which really help for attention retention. My constant moving 2 year old boy is able to actually sit and use the app for 20-30+ minutes at a time! With consistent daily use we notice improvement with speech development.

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Best Educational App for Toddlers #1 – Colors and Shapes

This is the #1 best app for toddlers because my 2 year old can sit down and use it on his own and it holds his attention for a good amount of time, perfect for giving you some time to get things done or sit quietly with a warm cup of coffee! There are 6 different games within the app, painting, collecting, look-alikes, matching, tracing, and building. They’re great for improving fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and so much more as each game talks you through what to do and says the colour/shape/etc that they are working with. I also really like how encouraging it is. As your toddler moves along they’re congratulated and receive different rewards like a fireworks show, stickers, etc.

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There ya have it, my 5 best educational apps for toddlers. If you love one that I may have missed please share it with us in the comments below so we can check it out. For more daily tips for kids activities, food ideas, and more, make sure to connect with me on social media, @JannineMacKinnon.

xo Jannine

Top 5 best apps for 2 year olds. These educational apps for toddlers help with their speech development, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and more.