I’m sure you’ve seen this braided half up top knot hairstyle everywhere lately. It’s surprisingly quick to do once you get the hang of the dutch braid, and it’s great for day 2 or 3 hair, because who washes their hair every day anymore? Not me! So if you like this look and have been wondering how to create it, then keep on reading and you’ll learn how you can recreate this cute braided hairstyle.

Learn how to do the trendy braided half up top knot hair tutorial. It's easier than you think!Learn how to do the trendy braided half up top knot hair tutorial. It's easier than you think!


  • Small clear elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Spin pin (optional)

STEP #1 DUTCH BRAIDLearn how to do the trendy braided half up top knot hair tutorial. It's easier than you think!

Begin the braid by grabbing the front section of your hair close to your forehead, and separating it into 3 small pieces to start your braid. Once you braid the first 3 pieces start grabbing small sections of your hair and incorporating it into your dutch braid by weaving it underneath.

The key to this look is to grab small sections of hair when adding to your dutch braid. When you use smaller sections you end up with a much fuller braided look. Using large sections is great if you want a loose voluminous braid. Either or works, but for this particular look I prefer the smaller, fuller braid.

Continue to dutch braid your hair until you reach the crown of your head.

Secure your braid with a small elastic. I like using the Super Stretch clear elastics from Sally’s. They’re super cheap and you get hundreds of them.

STEP #2 PULL APART YOUR BRAIDPull Apart Your Braid - Braided Half Up Top Knot Hair Tutorial - Happy Stylish Fit

Once your braid is secured start pulling it apart to give it that full Instagram worthy look. This is the key to a great braid. It takes a little practice, but once you have it down pat your braids will always look full and gorgeous, and who doesn’t want that.

Start at the top of your braid and pull each piece apart. Continuously go over your braid until you are happy with how it looks. Don’t worry about small pieces of your hair popping out, we’ll deal with those little guys later.


STEP #3 TOP KNOTLearn how to do the trendy braided half up top knot hair tutorial. It's easier than you think!

Once you’re happy with your braid we move on to the top knot. Gather your pony tail into a small bun. I create my top knot by looping my hair together and tucking the end inside the bun, but you can do this any way you like. Make it messy, make it neat, make it really big, or really small, it’s all up to you. Secure your top knot with  an elastic, bobby pins, or my personal favourite, the spin pin.

The spin pins work great. I freaking love them – one spin pin does the work of 10 bobby pins. I highly suggest that anyone who hasn’t tried them that likes to wear their hair in buns and other styles to go out and get some. They make holding styles a lot easier by replacing a bunch of bobby pins with one easy to use twisty hairpin- I use them all the time.


Once you’ve got your top knot in place, start fixing those little pieces that got away by bobby pinning them in place. Continue to do this for any fly away pieces that you aren’t happy with.


See, not so hard once you’ve got your dutch braid down pat. I hope you found this braided half up top knot hair tutorial helpful. If you end up recreating this style please show it off through social media, I’d love to check it out. You can tag me on Instagram or Twitter @HappyStylishFit and #HSFLife, or share it on the blog Facebook page.

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xo Jannine