26 12, 2015

Get that Ballerina Butt with a Barre Workout

2017-01-09T17:40:44-08:00December 26th, 2015|Fitness, Wellness|3 Comments

Follow my blog with Bloglovin WHAT IS BARRE ALL ABOUT? Barre is a great workout for your legs and your whole body making it a fantastic alternative to the gym! Classes are generally made up of a mix of movements taken from ballet, yoga, and pilates, although sometimes you can luck out and find completely dance based classes.Β It really works your muscles with high rep pulsing movements, while being easy on your [...]

25 12, 2015

Gym Bag Must Haves

2017-01-09T17:43:03-08:00December 25th, 2015|Fitness, Wellness|5 Comments

I find it interesting to learn about what other people keep in their bags, and their seems to be a trend going around on blogs and YouTube for "What's in my bag" posts. I wanted to make my own version, a gym bag version. I always like to keep my gym bag packed and ready to go, that way I know that I'll have everything I need without having to run around [...]