26 06, 2017

June Ipsy Glam Bag Review 2017

2017-06-26T17:43:28-07:00June 26th, 2017|Beauty, Style, Subscription Box Reviews|0 Comments

It's been a while since I've done an Ipsy Glam Bag review and I'm debating if I should continue to do them or not. If you read my last post you would have seen that I put a short survey together asking you guys for some feedback about the blog. So far subscription box reviews have been rating quite low when I asked what kind of blog posts you like. So if you guys [...]

16 06, 2017

Night Routine Natural Organic Beauty Products

2017-11-04T15:03:53-07:00June 16th, 2017|Beauty, Health, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Partnerships, Routines|9 Comments

Routine videos are always videos that I enjoy watching and so I thought it would be a fun idea to try a night routine for a video Friday. In this video I'll take you through a typical night routine for a day that I go to zumba or the gym. I've included a recipe for yummy vegetarian tuna sandwiches that are super tasty and make it so I don't miss tuna at [...]

26 05, 2017

Girls Night Out Makeup Tutorial

2017-11-04T15:04:10-07:00May 26th, 2017|Beauty, Beauty Tutorials, Partnerships, Style|1 Comment

I've partnered with Elate Cosmetics to bring you this gorgeous girls night out makeup look using many of their new Spring Collection items including my new favourite gorgeous Verdant green eye shadow, Titian blush and  Bloom lipstick. This look is perfect for a fun night out, and whether you use it for a girls night out makeup look, a fun concert makeup look, or a whatever you want night out makeup look, no [...]

8 05, 2017

7 Pinterest Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

2017-11-04T15:05:35-07:00May 8th, 2017|Beauty, Beauty Tips, Style, Style Tips|15 Comments

Pinterest has a plethora of beauty hacks from the crazy apply your eyeliner with your eyelash curler (ouch!) to the more practical hair sprayed bobby pin, but how are you to know which ones actually work, and which ones are just plain crazy. Today I've brought you 7 Pinterest beauty hacks that I've actually tried and are sure to work. Click the images to pin them to your boards, and check me [...]

5 05, 2017

Neutral Makeup Look

2017-11-04T15:05:50-07:00May 5th, 2017|Beauty, Beauty Tutorials, Style|14 Comments

I used to wear lots of bright colours with makeup, but over the past few years I've migrated towards my tried and true neutral tones. I don't know if it's an as you get older kind of thing, or if it's just the way makeup trends have progressed, but I rarely stray away from my neutral tones and I'm totally ok with it. This makeup look is something that I wear on [...]

28 04, 2017

5 Minute Makeup Look

2017-11-04T15:06:14-07:00April 28th, 2017|Beauty, Beauty Tutorials, Style|21 Comments

It would be wonderful if we all had time to slowly do a full face of makeup every morning, but in reality many of us are super rushed in the morning. With jobs, kids, and other commitments many of us need some good essentials that we can use for a quick 5 minute makeup look that leaves us looking refreshed and put together. No one needs to know you slept in and [...]

14 04, 2017

Cute Spring Date Night Makeup Tutorial – 100% Cruelty Free & Mostly All Natural Products

2017-11-04T15:08:58-07:00April 14th, 2017|Beauty, Beauty Tutorials, Style|8 Comments

Happy Friday and happy long weekend! This Friday I am bringing back Friday videos with a fun spring date night makeup tutorial. Originally I had a different post planned, a tutorial for the cargo cosmetics palette that was an add on for the Spring Fab Fit Fun box. I tried using the palette a few times over the week, but found myself uninspired by the colour palette as it seemed more suited [...]

7 04, 2017

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2017 Review

2017-04-07T01:29:14-07:00April 7th, 2017|Beauty, Style, Subscription Box Reviews|5 Comments

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription service full of all full sized products. Generally there are always products in the fashion, beauty, hair, jewellery, and fun categories, and as usual, this was another jam packed, well curated box from the Fab Fit Fun team with a total value of over $350. They perfectly encompassed a spring boho vibe with their Gypsy 05 Roundie, jewellery, and beauty essentials. Subscription Box: Fab Fit Fun Season: Spring [...]

17 03, 2017

What’s Lurking in Your Antiperspirant?

2017-10-27T11:14:37-07:00March 17th, 2017|Beauty, Health, Partnerships, Wellness|24 Comments

Hygiene is generally pretty important to everyone, no one wants to be that smelly person, and for the most part we all put on the same deodorant or antiperspirant that we've been using for years. Little do we know that daily routine could have some very harmful side effects. Antiperspirants are said to work best when you have dry skin so that the "active ingredients have a chance to do their job by [...]

17 02, 2017

February Ipsy Review

2017-02-17T10:48:02-08:00February 17th, 2017|Beauty, Style, Subscription Box Reviews|4 Comments

Wow I can't believe it's been 3 month's since I've written a subscription box review! I'm also doing something a little different this time by including a video below. Please let me know in the comments if you like these kind of posts. If I get enough good feedback I'll make an effort to do a different box at least every 2 months. Subscription Box: Ipsy Glam Bag Month: February 2017 Cost: $9.99 USD, [...]

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