31 01, 2017

How to Wear Florals All Year

2020-02-18T00:06:56-08:00January 31st, 2017|Fashion, Style, Style Tips|22 Comments

I'm a big fan of florals, and an even bigger fan of blush pink, especially this super cozy sweater which makes this a damn near perfect dressed up casual look for me. Florals can be stereotyped as a spring and summer only kind of print which makes it hard for some people to wear all year round, but for this week's Trendy Tuesday I'm here to tell you florals are great any [...]

13 01, 2017

5 Tips – How to Keep Healthy Hair

2017-11-04T15:12:29-07:00January 13th, 2017|Hair, Hair Tips, Style, Style Tips|3 Comments

I have always been someone who has kept my hair long and healthy even though I dyed it bright red every single month. Just under a year ago I decided to go back to my natural hair colour because the upkeep became ridiculous after dyeing my hair every month for almost 10 years. When the stylist tried to dye it back towards my natural colour it was completely fried and orange and [...]

11 11, 2016

How to Apply Eyeliner – 7 Eyeliner Tips to get Your Eyeliner on Fleek

2017-11-04T15:13:58-07:00November 11th, 2016|Beauty, Beauty Tips, Style, Style Tips|25 Comments

It can be a long struggle learning how to apply eyeliner just right, but more recently I feel like I've finally been able to get it just right and I wanted to share with you the eyeliner tips that have helped me up my game. It starts with the right product - I can't wait to share with you my new favourite eyeliner - with the right application method, followed by giving everything [...]

14 10, 2016

How to Dress Your Body Type – Pear Shaped

2017-11-04T15:14:18-07:00October 14th, 2016|Fashion, Style, Style Tips|14 Comments

We've all had those shopping trips where we've felt like nothing we've tried on fit our bodies quite right and ended up without any clothes and haven't felt the greatest about ourselves. Instead of getting down on ourselves for not fitting the clothes right, we should be loving the uniqueness of our bodies and learning how to get clothes to fit us. You can learn the tricks of the trade with my [...]

7 10, 2016

7 Trusty Items You Need in Your Fashion Emergency Kit

2017-11-04T15:14:39-07:00October 7th, 2016|Fashion, Partnerships, Style, Style Tips|11 Comments

There's nothing worse than losing a button on a shirt, or getting a big run in your tights while you're in the middle of your day. That's why I like to keep a few trusty items with me to solve these fashion dilemmas right away. It's a good idea to have a small bag that you can use as a fashion emergency kit that easily moves from purse to purse. After you [...]

9 09, 2016

How to Accessorize Like an It Girl – 7 Tips

2017-11-04T15:15:18-07:00September 9th, 2016|Fashion, Style, Style Tips|9 Comments

The right accessories can tie a whole outfit together making you feel confident and ready to rock your day. Ever wonder how celebrities always look so put together in jeans and a top? It's all in the accessories baby. Putting the right accessories together with an outfit gives it that extra umph, and it can be a great way to play with trends without breaking the bank. You can find affordable on trend [...]

25 08, 2016

5 Tips for How to Braid Your Hair

2017-11-04T15:15:44-07:00August 25th, 2016|Hair, Hair Tips, Style, Style Tips|10 Comments

Do you like braided hairstyles, but don't feel too confident doing your own? Follow these tips to find out how to braid and make that braided hairstyle Instagram worthy. #1 START WITH THE BASICS If you want to master your braid start with the basics and move your way up. Get to know your basic braid, french braid, dutch braid, and fishtail braid. Practice, practice, practice, and don't be too hard on [...]

25 05, 2016

7 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

2017-11-04T15:16:56-07:00May 25th, 2016|Beauty, Beauty Tips, DIY, Style, Style Tips|14 Comments

We’ve all heard about how great coconut oil can be for you. It moisturizes your skin, promotes hair growth, decreases migraines, and helps with digestion, but how do you use coconut oil? In this list, I cover most of the beauty uses for coconut oil. I have personally tried all of them, and regularly use a few of them. #1 COCONUT OIL MAKEUP REMOVER Coconut oil is a fantastic makeup remover. Not only does it remove [...]

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