23 05, 2018

7 Hair Hacks to Make Life Easier

2018-10-29T21:44:42-07:00May 23rd, 2018|Hair, Hair Tips, Style|6 Comments

Hacks always make our life easier, and as a mom, I have even less time to do my hair and love any useful hack I can get my hands on. I still like to look put together, but if I can find a way to do it quicker and easier I'm all for it. I've tested out a lot of hair hacks and not all of them work, but all of the [...]

18 11, 2017

The Perfect Ponytail Tutorial

2017-11-18T16:02:44-08:00November 18th, 2017|Hair, Hair Tutorials, Style|0 Comments

Ponytails and top knots are a super quick and easy hairstyle that we all like to gravitate towards. If you take a little bit of extra time using the tips from this perfect ponytail tutorial you’ll be able to elevate your look from a boring ponytail to a nice and polished hairstyle. Watch the video below or scroll down for the written tutorial with helpful tips. Watch [...]

28 10, 2017

3 Hat Hairstyles to Keep You Styling Even on Bad Hair Days

2017-11-04T14:40:06-07:00October 28th, 2017|Hair, Hair Tutorials, Style|0 Comments

Hats can be great. They keep us warm during the winter months, and even better, they're great at hiding bad hair days! That being said it can be hard to figure out what to do with your hair once you put a hat on top of it. Today I'm going to show you 3 simple hat hairstyles. 2 of them are super quick and easy and perfect for when you're in a [...]

30 09, 2017

How to Curl Your Hair in 5 Minutes or Less

2017-11-04T14:41:40-07:00September 30th, 2017|Hair, Hair Tutorials, Style|14 Comments

We all run busy lives, and sometimes it can be hard to find the time to nicely style our hair. Curling your hair can take an especially long time, but it doesn't have to. Today I'm going to show you my method for how to curl your hair in 5 minutes or less. That's right, you can curl your hair in 5 minutes or less! This hair styling trick is great for [...]

19 08, 2017

Natural Hair Care Routine

2017-11-04T14:43:53-07:00August 19th, 2017|Hair, Hair Tips, Partnerships, Routines, Style|19 Comments

As I've been shifting more and more towards all natural products, I have found it hard to find a good quality, natural hair care brand. That is, until I found out about Monat from Brenda and Nature's Hair Care. From the first sample I tried I was immediately hooked and have now completely switched to an all natural hair care routine. All of the products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and [...]

22 07, 2017

Summer Essentials

2017-10-06T11:30:41-07:00July 22nd, 2017|Beauty, Hair, Inspiration, Lifestyle|14 Comments

Summertime is in full swing and I absolutely love the hot weather, days at the beach, and camping. However, summer can also come with dry skin, sunburns, runny eyeliner, and messed up hair. That's why I've compiled this summer essentials list jam packed with all of the products you'll need to keep in your arsenal from body care, to beauty and hair care, to fashion and other basic summer essentials. All of [...]

30 06, 2017

3 Braided Ponytails Tutorial

2017-11-04T14:46:46-07:00June 30th, 2017|Hair, Hair Tutorials, Style|3 Comments

Hey guys, and happy early Canada Day! If you've been following me for a while you would know that I love braids, and with all of the summer fun ahead over the next few months it makes for a great time to do a braided ponytails tutorial. I've brought together 3 of my main braided ponytail styles that all build off of each other. They start out easy and get harder as [...]

21 04, 2017

Festival Hair Tutorial – 3 Braided Hairstyles

2017-11-04T15:08:14-07:00April 21st, 2017|Hair, Hair Tutorials, Style|10 Comments

Festival season is here marking the beginning of warmer weather. I've been going to festivals for years, and they're always so much fun. The energy is incredible and it's fun to dress up with a classic festival exaggerated boho look  like the leggings one I styled on Wednesday. Not only is it fun coming up with a cute outfit, I also love styling festival hair. If you've been following me for a [...]

1 03, 2017

7 Tips for Curling Your Hair

2017-11-04T15:10:28-07:00March 1st, 2017|Hair, Hair Tips, Partnerships, Style, Style Tips|16 Comments

In this post I'm bringing you back to basic with showing you 7 tips for curling your hair. You can also keep your hair in tip top shape by using these 5 tips for maintaining healthy hair. I have received these products for free in exchange for writing a post, and although sponsored I maintain creative control. You can see my disclosure policy for more information.  Tip #1 Use the Right Amount [...]

27 01, 2017

Empties Review

2017-10-27T11:13:30-07:00January 27th, 2017|Beauty, Hair, Partnerships, Style|2 Comments

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm sharing some of my absolute favourite beauty products. Products that I love so much I've completely emptied out the containers so I could use every last drop. I have a few things from each of the major categories: hair, skin care, and makeup, plus there's a bonus giveaway at the end! Hair The top 2 hair products that I just can't get enough of are Fave 4 [...]

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