This blog isn’t only my passion, it’s also a job. This means that I receive compensation for featured content, but please keep in mind I am not paid for every brand I mention. My main purpose is to add value to you, my reader and I would never share something that I didn’t believe in and think that you would benefit from knowing about. I value your loyalty and trust, and carefully deliberate every collaboration. For every sponsored post I create there are over 10 that I decline. I will only share about brands I truly use, care about, and believe in. All opinions expressed are my own, and every thought is written honestly and openly.

Ways that I may profit from the blog:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Product reviews & giveaways
  • Commission from product links
  • Social media promotion
  • Banner ads
  • Ambassadorships

Bring more fitness into your routine with these tips to incorporate exercise into your everyday.

Honesty Policy

Just because I am given gifts, or paid to feature a brand does not mean I will write a positive review, blog post or endorsement. Integrity is very important to me in providing value for my readers and partners. All thoughts are honest and authentic with the sole aim of adding value to readers while earning an income.

Privacy Policy

 Email correspondence received will be kept on file and added to blog email lists.

All email lists are kept private, and stored through the MailChimp email service. I will never sell anyone’s information under any circumstance.

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