My son loves Curious George, so as his 2nd birthday was approaching I knew I had to throw him a Curious George birthday party. I have so much fun planning parties like this (Low Key Gender Reveal), but I also think things should be kept simple and within budget. The dollar store is my favourite way of doing that! In all honesty, for this Curious George birthday party, I strayed from my usual and checked out the party store first. Big mistake! We ended up spending $75 when we could have easily kept it under $50 and probably considerably cheaper than that. Lesson learned, always go to the dollar store first, and check out the party store afterward for any unique missing items, not the other way around.

Curious George toddler birthday party using dollar store finds.

Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, this isn’t a picture perfect beautiful Pinterest birthday party, but it was so much fun. It had the thoughtful touches with the food, and fun decorations with streamers, balloons and party banners that I unfortunately did not get good pictures of, oops! But, the important thing is that everyone, especially my boy loved it, and it was perfect for us.

Curious George Birthday Party Food

The food is where I really went all out on customization by basing the menu off different Curious George episodes and made my own signs on the computer and with construction paper.

All of the reusable serving items were borrowed from my MIL and the single-use items can be found at the dollar store for cheap.

Farmer Renkins Vegetables

Just a simple veggie tray from the grocery store.

The Quint’s Fish Crackers

GoldFish crackers! I opted to go for individual packages so there was less food waste after the party.

Worm Race Worms

You can get these from the bulk section for cheap!

Curious George themed food for a Curious George Birthday Party, perfect for toddler birthday parties.

Hundley’s Hot Dogs

These are actually one of our favourite snack recipes. We eat them way too fast. If I ever make just a single batch it gets eaten before it even gets cold! Here’s how ridiculously easy it is to make:

  • Generously sprinkle shredded cheese all over Pillsbury Crescent Roll triangle.
  • Add a piece of honey garlic pepperoni (you could use hot dogs but these are so much better).
  • Roll it all up and bake according to package directions. You may have to alter the time, just look for them to start to turn golden with brown edges.

Chef Pisghetti’s Meatballs

Classic Italian meatballs made by my Italian MIL. She made turkey and beef versions for everyone.

George’s Bananas

Marshmellow banana candies. I tried to find the hard banana candies but couldn’t find them anywhere.

Logan’s Celebration Popcorn

I found this recipe on Pinterest and it is so flipping good! It mixes popcorn, marshmallows, m&m’s and sprinkles in the most amazing way. I think some people were intimidated to try it, but I couldn’t stop eating it after everyone left.

Celebration popcorn for a Curious George themed toddler birthday party.

Monkey Juice

Use any kind of yellow juice. We used tropical, but pineapple would be great too.

Entertainment for the Kids

My mom made these little monkey ear headbands, yellow ties, and monkey tail out of felt, and they were a hit! The kids loved putting them on and running around the house. It was a perfect balance for a 2 year old’s birthday without going overboard with more involved crafts or games.

Yellow tie and monkey ears for kids to dress up during a curious george birthday party.

Curious George Birthday Party Decorations

I went for a mix of red, blue, and yellow with fun polka dot and striped patterns. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the whole house but we had different triangle banners with balloon clusters and streamers hanging all around the house. We also blew up all of the balloons and whatever wasn’t used on the walls was hanging around the floor for playing with.


Curious George toddler birthday party with customized appetizer food menu and dollar store decorations.

Curious George birthday party for toddlers and preschoolers with dollar store decorations and customized Curious George food ideas.

Curious George Birthday Party for toddlers with cute monkey ear and yellow ties for dressup.