This Friday marks Logan’s 3 month birthday, and wow does time fly fast! These past 3 months have been filled with love, joy, exhaustion, amazement, anxiety, pride, self-doubt, curiosity, overwhelm, closeness, alienation, accomplishment, failure, and a million other feelings at both ends of the spectrum. Although it was exceptionally hard, I wouldn’t trade the bonding and the learning experience for anything in the world. I am completely head over heels in love with my little man.

The first 3 months post birth are often referred to as the 4th trimester. The baby is still developing so much but is no longer able to fit inside mom anymore. As baby is developing and mom and dad are figuring things out it makes for a very trying time for everyone. Thankfully in the midst of the steep learning curve we are blessed with the cuteness of our baby and watching them grow, and all in an instant all of the tiredness, frustration, and overwhelm can disappear and be replaced with complete love and adoration.

To all the soon to be and new moms that are reading this, this period of time can be very difficult, but you do get through it. You will learn each of their cries and how to solve their problems within minutes. Your little baby will continue to develop and be able to digest better and sleep better. Breastfeeding is hard, and sometimes not for everyone, but if you stay persistent and reach out for support you will have much better chances of success. These months will test you as a couple, but with good communication, in the end, you will come out stronger and have more respect and love for each other. Take it from a couple that struggled to see it at times during those late nights and hours of crying, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I started writing this post to include the main points over the last 3 months, his poor little digestion system, the battle for sleep, breastfeeding, getting used to our role as parents, and watching him grow. Before I finished writing the first 2 sections I was over 1500 words. I don’t want to drag on for too long, but I still want to be super helpful for those that are interested so I’m going to break up this post. Every 2 weeks I will write a post that is about just 1 section. That way it won’t drag on for too long and you can read only the parts that you’re most interested in.

All of my suggestions for tips and remedies are speaking from experience of what worked for us. I recommend researching things and talking to your doctor before giving any kind of remedies. 

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Poor Little Digestion System

Our LO really struggled with his digestion system and colic. He would wriggle in pain and cry out whenever letting out a fart. Sometimes he would scream and scream while being burped, and I was never able to easily nurse him to sleep because he would wake up within 10 minutes crying from gas which is so frustrating when you’re so sleep deprived and hear about how other moms can easily nurse their babies to sleep.

I would stay up late with him while he would cry and nothing I seemed to do would help. Google became my best friend and I would search things all day and night while breastfeeding trying to find some tip or trick that would make the crying stop. The first days were the hardest because I literally had no idea what I was doing and he was so tiny and still developing and too young to get gripe water.

Thankfully my grandma stayed with us for the first 2 weeks. When I struggled to calm him down at night in the first few days I would bring him down to my Grandma to see if she could help. Sometimes she could calm him, but often times she couldn’t and it made me feel better knowing that it wasn’t my lack of anything that couldn’t calm him, but it was just that he was colic and hard to calm. Things stayed at a pretty terrible level for the first 5/6 weeks, but after that things started getting better and better as he developed more and we were able to learn more tricks.

Now, at 3 months old I can nurse him to sleep and he doesn’t get burped at all during his nighttime feeds. He has much more regular poops and we are able to help move things through when he seems to be in discomfort. Acid reflux has increased over the last few days, but I’m hoping it will pass with time or that we will narrow down what the cause is.

Helpful Tricks

  • Gripe water
  • Bicycle legs
  • Tummy massage
  • Bio Gaia
  • Monitor your diet

Bicycle legs are your friend and toes to nose helps push things out.

Whenever he cries after a fart and I can tell he’s a little plugged up we will give him a bunch of bicycle legs and in between sets push his legs up and it really helps to let those farts (and sometimes poops!) out. There have been times where I give him bicycle legs for over 10 minutes and he eventually passes out for a nap.

Tummy massage really works.

For the first 2 months after learning about the I Love You Tummy Massage I would incorporate it into his nighttime routine and do it when he got dressed in the morning, as well as when I could tell that he really needed it. I was surprised by how well it would work, and when I would do it when I could tell he really needed it I would literally push out his farts and poops! I eventually stopped needing to do this as Bio Gaia improved his digestive system, which brings us to our next helpful tip…

Gripe water was a lifesaver!

We started giving it to him when he was around 10 days old and it quickly relieves his discomfort and gives us more sanity without having so much crying. After they reach around 1 month of age it is recommended to increase the dosage. I kept it at around 2 – 3 ml unless he really needed more, and with the decreased dosage I felt more comfortable giving it to him more frequently when needed because the total amount would still be less than what the recommended maximum amount was, although it was more frequent.

Many people say it’s a placebo effect, but he doesn’t know what we’re giving him and it works within 1 – 2 minutes. Some people don’t find that it helps, and other people find that Oval really works. We tried Oval once to see the difference and it worked really quickly, but then he woke up scream crying and we haven’t used it since.

Bio Gaia works wonders!

All of the above tricks work great at dealing with colic while it is happening, but Bio Gaia probiotic drops work great long term to help his digestive system develop. After I used it for about a week I finally saw real improvements in his everyday comfort and happiness. It is a little pricey, but so so worth it!

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What mom eats comes through in breastmilk.

If you start to notice that your LO has odd bouts of colic / digestive issues I recommend monitoring your diet. I started to notice that after every really cheesy dinner I ate Logan would start to get constipated. I have since cut out all dairy and have noticed a big difference in his regularity and happiness. I also started drinking more coffee and immediately noticed that he would become quite acidy and have painful spit ups. I’ve since kept it to 1 small cup a day and there haven’t been any more acid issues.

Some other culprits that moms find can affect their babies are eggs, soy, broccoli,  cabbage, garlic, and spicy food just to name a few. If you’re concerned that your baby is sensitive to something in your diet start tracking your food and your baby’s gas/acid. If food is the culprit you will likely find a pattern within a week, and once removed from your diet can take up to 2 weeks to notice a difference in your baby, I noticed a difference within a week. Kelly Mom has a great blog all about breastfeeding with tons of information that can help you in this area.


xo Jannine

The first 3 months of motherhood is really hard, especially when you're learning how to deal with colic.

Tips for dealing with colic and gassy babies.