December has been a crazy month! I’ve finished up my semester in school, getting ready for the launch of this site, been busy at work, plus all of the Christmas planning, shopping, and festivities. It’s been nuts! Christmas has been a little pushed to the side for me this year because I’ve been so busy with everything else, and because I’m so so excited to have this site launched! It’s something that I’ve worked really hard at for 6 months, and I’m so happy to see it all coming together, and excited to share it with everyone online.

I’m going to try to compile a favourites list every season of  different things I’m obsessed with during the season. YouTube inspired me for the idea on this blog post series, because I love seeing what different YouTubers list as their favourite things and checking out new products. This isn’t a christmasy list, but a list of things that I kept using or absolutely loved throughout November and December 2015 from my favourite book and tv show, to my favourite fitness item and David’s Tea.


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My favourite thing to wear in December has been my fall vests and riding boots. Old Navy has such a big selection of vests for the season that I went a little overboard and bought 3 different ones for myself, puffy white, slightly less puffy quilted black, and a soft mixed grey one. Between the three of them, and the rest of the vests in my closet, I think I have a vest for almost every occasion. These vests go great with everything, but my favourite way to style them has been with riding boots – I’ve been loving this combo so much I’ve created a lookbook for Vests and Boots 4 Ways.


Kalyn Nicholson Profile

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Kalyn Nicholson is my all time favourite blogger. She’s down to earth and super relatable. She has a fashion obsession and has been carving her own path and figuring out who she is and wants to be. I first found her on YouTube over 2 years ago. As soon as I stumbled upon her channel I binge watched ALL of her videos, and now I stalk all of her online platforms eagerly await a new post. Currently she is working on an ebook, Dreamcatcher, and I’m so excited for her to release the finished product! If you love fashion, DIY’s, indie music, and listening to the ramblings of a totally relatable, cool chick, hippie girl, then you will love Kalyn Nicholson.


David's Tea December 2015 Favourites - Happy Stylish Fit Lifestyle Fashion Beauty Fitness Blog

By drink, I mean tea! Sorry if you were thinking of a yummy cocktail, this girl can’t get enough of David’s Tea. I am in love with my David’s Tea’s Christmas advent calendar. Every day has a new delicious tea to try, and my wishlist for new teas to purchase is getting longer and longer. I had already purchased some delicious blends including ginger pear, banana nut bread, grand cru matcha, cardamom french toast, buddha’s blend, grilled pineapple, jumpy monkey, le digestif, and toasted walnut.

It’s too hard to pick one top favourite tea, so I’ll give you 3. The Grilled Pineapple is so sweet, smooth and delicious that this pineapple lover just can’t get enough. If you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to cave into your sweet tooth this favourite David’s tea should do the trick 😉 Toasted Walnut is earthy and embodies all the coziness of fall and winter. It’s my favourite tea to cuddle up with Matt on the couch and watch some Netflix. My final favourite tea is a new one from my advent calendar which is sweet Almond Green it perfectly captures the delicious, nutty almond flavour which blends nicely with the classic green tea flavour. I’ve actually become quite the tea addict, if you love tea you should definitely check the amazingness that is David’s Tea.


I started doing hot yoga at the beginning of October and fell completely in love with it. I love how you connect with yourself and your body while working on strength and flexibility. It is so nice to flush out all the toxins and sweat everything out, but it also means I get really sweaty. Luckily my mom found me a super cute microfiber yoga towel. It’s in my favourite colors purple, blue and pink, and I absolutely love it! It is the perfect size for my yoga mat, looks super cute, and works great. I’ll leave a link below for the exact same brand of yoga towel.


Water Your Body App December Favourites 2015 Happy Stylish Fit Lifestyle Blog

I’ve always tried to drink as much water as I can, but lately I feel like I haven’t been getting close to my goal of 3 liters a day. Do you guys find it hard to drink down your daily water goal? Last summer when I started doing outdoor bootcamps in the heat, I knew I needed something to remind me to drink my water. I found Water Your Body, available on both Android and iOS. You can set the timer to remind you in any interval that works for your life. You track all of the water you drink in an easy to use interface. It creates graphs to show you your daily water intake on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

I’ve made it my favourite app for December because I’ve started to use it on a regular basis again to get me back on track. The only thing to look out for is the notification noise. Make sure you set this to something that works for you. My friend was in line at the bank beside a cute guy, and it made such a loud water noise, it totally embarrassed her! Make sure to set it to something quiet or on vibrate 😉


Being Erica

Again, it’s so hard to pick one favourite thing to watch, I’m picking two, my favourite tv show, and favourite movie in December. The Netflix series I just can’t get enough of is Being Erica. It’s a girly show about a girl that hits rock bottom. She then begins working in therapy, only this type of therapy involves time travel, yes time travel! Erica gets to do what so many wish they can do, she gets to go back in time and work on her regrets. It’s very touching and very relatable, I put it on every time I had the tv to myself, like I said it’s a girly show and wasn’t exactly my boyfriend’s favourite show. It is a Canadian tv show, so sorry to my American friends, it might be a little harder to find.

the punisher

As for my favourite movie, I went in the total opposite direction with the action packed Punisher. I love action movies, and when they actually have a good story line I can’t get enough, ahem Taken, cough cough. The Punisher, based on the comic book series, was made in 2004 starring Thomas Jane from Thank You for Smoking. It’s a typical action movie, guy leaves his old lifestyle, people come back to get him and target his family, guy sets out for revenge. It has everything a good action movie has, a good story line, minor love story, and all the action you can ask for. If you’re an action movie junkie like me you’ll love it 🙂


I’ve become addicted to Audible. I know it might not exactly be considered reading but it’s the only way this busy employed, student, blogger can fit in any “reading”. The app has a free trial, but once you’re hooked Audible charges you $14.95 a month, and in exchange you get 1 book credit. That credit can be used for ANY book that they have available. I save up my credits for the more expensive books, and shell out the change for their cheaper books. In November I finished one series, and started another. Both of them aren’t exactly new, it seems I’m a little late on the book series trends.

50 Shades of Grey Audible

The series I finished was 50 Shades of Grey. Matt and my friends all bugged me, but this was actually a really good series! All the hype isn’t for nothing. It is a smut book but it actually has such a good story line! I listened to it for 20 hours one weekend! I am also a late bloomer on my new favourite series, Game of Thrones.

At first I thought there was too many characters and I found it a little confusing, but as soon as the first major thing happens I became completely hooked and texted my friend right away to chat about my sorrows with the only other person that would understand right away. I am now on the second book and listen to it every chance I get, luckily I have to sit through 30 mins of traffic to and from work every day which makes it easy to get my “reading” in.

Game of Thrones Audible

That’s it for my favourites list! I hope you found something interesting and check out something new. All of the images are pinnable if you want to save anything for the future 🙂 I’d love to hear your comments about your favourite things for December!