The kid’s playroom has never quite felt right for me. It’s an awkward space with a huge baby gate wrapping around our wood stove making the actual play space quite narrow. Previously our playroom teepee was in the corner but it felt like it took up more room. Moving it to the center has actually made it feel more open and given us some usable space on each side for toy storage.

You also may have noticed from our DIY Board and Batton Bathroom that I’m a big fan of colour, and that’s especially true when I think of kid’s spaces which is why I knew the basic playroom teepee needed a major glow up. With some yarn, a needle and a whole lot of patience I was able to tranform it to this fun one of kind design. It took a lot of trial and error, especially with the DIY pom poms, but I learned some tricks to share with you that can be easily carried over to a more neutral playroom teepee if that’s more your style.

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DIY pom poms for playroom teepee makeover


Colourful playroom with diy kids teepee

DIY pom poms for kids playroom teepee

DIY Pom Poms for the Playroom Teepee

I tried a cardboard cut out method and a fork method and after 5 prototypes, finally found what worked for ease of making them and for the look I was trying to achieve. Here’s a few tricks I learned along the way:

  1. The fork method is easier. It’s sturdier and holds up better to making multiple pom poms. It’s also a perfect size, and a salad bowl serving fork (probably not the technical name, but I think you get it) is great for larger pom poms.
  2. Be prepared to test at least 3 different pom poms before you’re happy with the look and the method. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not right on your first attempt.
  3. Start less dense and add more wraps if needed. I thought I liked super dense and wasted way too much yarn and time attempting to make them that way when in the end, less dense looked great and was way easier to do.
  4. Put the tie around string in the fork first. This may sound completely foreign, but if you look at the DIY pom pom tutorial I used you’ll see that they get you to thread it through the fork and tie it around after. Save yourself frustration trying to thread it through afterward and just have it hang out while you do your wrapping.
  5. Wrap the yarn around the fork loosely. It makes it much easier to cut.

For reference I ended up doing just 25 wraps with a fluffy yarn.

Colourful Playroom with DIY playroom teepee

DIY yarn stitching to personalize your playroom teepee

Stitching the DIY Playroom Teepee

The teepee itself is a basic canvas one given to us for a birthday, and it was relatively easy to add all of the extra details. There was some trial and error testing out different designs and different tools, but in the end I’m so happy with how it turned out and watching Logan’s reaction to seeing it for the first time made my heart so full and was well worth the hours I put into it. Here’s the tools you’ll need:

  • Yarn – Any yarn will do. With the pandemic, I didn’t want to shop around and went to our local small town dollar store. The selection was limited so I ended up with some fluffy stuff because I liked the colours better than the basic yarn which is what I originally wanted.
  • Yarn needles – These have holes big enough for the yard and are strong enough to get through the canvas. They’re super cheap at the Dollar Store, I only paid $1.50.
  • Work gloves – Pushing the yarn and needle through the canvas is rough on your fingers. Halfway through I put on my husband’s work gloves and it made things go by so much quicker and easier.
  • Scissors

Making the design was a big creative process for me, and something I only recommend doing if you’re already handy with a needle and thread. If you’re not so crafty stick with the DIY pom poms and do a basic stitch to tie them on. Here’s the details I added:

  1. Sewed the pom poms onto the triangle garland and along the door flaps. When making the DIY pom poms I left the thread I tied around the yarn loops really long. I then used the needle to thread the ties inside the teepee and tied them off before cutting them.
  2. Originally I planned a chevron design for each side of the posts, but after doing one it took a really long time and didn’t look quite right. Instead I used a basic diagonal stitch to wrap around the posts. I then wrapped the coordinating colour around the top of the post to anchor it visually.
  3. The door flaps still felt off so I added a basic straight stitch along the edge to help define the border of the pom poms.

Colourful playroom for kids

Personalize your playroom teepee with a fun DIY design and pom poms.

Making the Playroom Teepee Cozy

I wanted to make the playroom teepee nice and cozy without having to buy any new decor pieces. Thankfully I was able to find some things around our house and repurpose them to make the teepee a bit more comfy for the kids and still tie into the look I’m trying to achieve for the playroom. Here’s what I used:

  • Colourful puzzle playmat for the floor
  • Covered the playmat with a furry throw blanket
  • No longer used breastfeeding pillow in the corner
  • Bean bag chair off to the side
  • Throw pillow in the corner
  • Tossed in a Paw Patrol blanket that they love playing under


I know the colorful playroom teepee isn’t everyone’s taste, but you can easily add these DIY details to your playroom teepee using a more neutral colour palette. It’s added a great focal piece to the playroom and the kids love hanging out in it and playing together with the pillows and blankets. Now I just need to get around to adding an alphabet and DIY ledge bookshelves before I’ll call the playroom done.

If you end up using this for inspiration for your own playroom teepee please let me know by sharing with me on social media @JannineMacKinnon, I’d love to check it out and connect with you.

xo Jannine

DIY playroom teepee personalisation with DIY pom poms and fun design with yarn.