As I chatted about in my recent eyeliner tips post I have fallen in love with Essence products. After I fell in love with their eyeliner I went on a slight shopping binge so I could try out their product range and share it with all of you – the fact that I can share it with you totally helps me justify buying so much đŸ˜‰ So over the next few weeks I’ll be chatting about their mascara, eye shadow, and a few other products. I’ll also have some reviews of NYX eyebrow products and lippies too!

Overall I’m quite happy with all of the mascaras. There’s one I’m not in love with, and some I like more than others, but they’re all fantastic given their awesome price of $4.99. Not only does Essence supply a quality product at a fabulous price, but they’re cruelty-free too! If you’d be interested in a cruelty-free beauty informational post let me know in the comments below. I also really like how cute some of their names are and the colourful packaging.

Find the best affordable mascara with this in depth Essence mascara review.

Each mascara test was done with 2 coats using the same application method (check out my mascara tips).


Volume Mascara

This is one of my favourite mascaras. It reminds me of Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator, which I love, but Rimmel isn’t cruelty-free and I’m no longer purchasing products that are cruelty-free. It has a similar spiky, rubbery brush. It left my lashes long and separated, and I found it to be more lengthening than it was volumizing. The Plump no Clump stays true to it’s word and keeps things nice and long with no spidery effect. I like to combine this mascara with #3 for a long, full, no-clump lash look.

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Volume Curl Mascara

I liked the full look of this mascara, but the huge brush is harder to control. No matter how steady I tried to be I always ended up with a big mess after I used this mascara. It could be because of how full it is, but I didn’t have this issue with any of the other Essence mascaras.


Volume Mascara

This Essence mascara is my favourite, and as mentioned previously it pairs nicely with the Plump no Clump mascara. The For-Bidden Volume left my lashes volumized and long, exactly what I look for in a mascara. If I couldn’t mix 2 different mascaras than I would use this one for my everyday look.

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Crazy Volume Mascara

I Love Extreme mascara has a very similar brush to Plump no Clump, but it isn’t as thick, and the bristles are shorter. Again, I found this mascara to have more of a lengthening effect, rather than a volumizing effect. I Love Extreme is essentially Plump no Clump, but with some clump, which can be a look that many people gravitate towards. If that’s your jam, then this one’s your match.

As I said before the Essence mascaras are an all around great product at a bargain price. If you like long, voluminous, natural looking lashes like me, then I recommend layering Plump no Clump on top of For-Bidden Volume. If you like a similar look, but bigger, and slightly spidery than I recommend layering I Love Extreme on top of For-Bidden Volume. I hope you found this Essence mascara review helpful, and stay tuned for more reviews and tutorials for Essence and NYX products.

xo Jannine

Find the best affordable mascara with this in depth Essence mascara review.

Find the best affordable mascara with this in depth Essence mascara review.