So you want to eat healthy, but you’re struggling to figure out how you can juggle more cooking with everything else you do as a busy mom? It seems like it takes so much extra prep that you just don’t have time for. Handling dinners and kids’ meals takes enough work, adding in another set of decisions and prep is adding too much to your plate. So you end up eating the same thing as your toddler, grabbing something on the go, or neglecting to eat at all and attempt to run off coffee alone. Sound familiar?

That’s where Evive comes in! Their lunches are so convenient, only take 5 minutes to make, and are jam packed with nutrition to energize you for everything you have to do throughout the day! All you have to do is pop the little cubes out, heat, and serve on top of your favourite base like rice, noodles, or quinoa, and bam, you have a nutritious adult meal you can enjoy even when you’re tight on time!

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Golden Curry Evive Lunch Review

Most moms aren’t going to spend a bunch of time making lunches, and only eating leftovers for lunch is just plain boring. That’s where Evive’s lunches come in handy, and their newest flavour addition, Golden Curry, is so so good! It has a delicious Indian flare to their other three lunch flavors, Mac Squash, Tom Thai, and Bam Chili.

A Healthy Lunch in Minutes! How to Prepare Evive Golden Curry and Other Evive Lunches

Evive’s lunches are so quick and easy to make. You can actually have a healthy lunch without any food prep or thinking. Just pop the cubes into a pan or microwave-safe bowl. Heat for a few minutes and serve on top of your choice of base like pasta, rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice.

  1. Pop Evive lunch cubes into a pan or microwave-safe bowl
  2. Heat for 3 – 5 minutes
  3. Pour Evive lunch over pasta, rice, quinoa, or other base
  4. Mix well and enjoy!

You can also turn any of Evive’s lunches into a soup by heating with vegetable broth, how cool is that!?!

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How Healthy is Evive Golden Curry and Their Other Lunches?

Most the time convenient foods aren’t always the healthiest. They can be packed with sodium and artificial flavours and sweeteners, but we tend to do it anyway because they’re easy even if we end up regretting it later.

What is so great about Evive is that they truly care about every single ingredient that goes into their products. They’re jam packed with high-quality ingredients like organic vegetables, superfoods, and plant-based protein in every lunch and smoothie. With no added sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives, they really are a fantastic way to have a healthy nutritious lunch without much prep or thought. You can truly have a convenient lunch while feeding your body the nutritious food it deserves!

Evive Golden Curry Lunch Ingredients

Here’s an example of some of the great ingredients that can be found in Evive’s Golden Curry Lunch. As you can see it’s all whole foods and ingredients you can actually read and know what they are. Not only are they whole foods they’re superfoods packed with antioxidants and so many vitamins your body is craving.

Chickpeas*, Red lentils*, Cauliflower, Tomato*, Hemp seeds*, Onion*, Coconut cream*, Green peas, Date, Olive oil*, Mango*, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon juice*, Cilantro, Sea salt, Turmeric*, Ground coriander, Curry powder (spices, turmeric, mustard seeds)*, Cinnamon*, Star anise, Nutmeg*, Chili pepper*, Red jalapeño. *Organic ingredients

How to Buy Evive Lunches and How Much Do Evive Lunches Cost?

Evive lunches and smoothies can be purchased online in Canada and the US through their website. All purchases are in a subscription box format that can be paused or unsubscribed from at any time. They have three different sizes to choose from depending how much time you want to save in the kitchen:

  • Evive Discover Box – 12 wheels of your chosen combination of smoothies ($4.25 each) and lunches ($6.25 each)
  • Evive Wellness Box – 24 wheels of your chosen combination of smoothies ($3.75 each) and lunches ($5.75 each)
  • Evive Ultimate Box – 36 wheels of your chosen combination of smoothies ($3.63 each) and lunches ($5.63 each)

You get to choose what’s in your box which varies the cost depending on your choices of smoothie and lunch combinations. With additional savings the larger size box you choose. The Evive Discover Box can range from $51 – $75 depending on how many smoothies vs. lunches you get, and all orders include free shipping in Canada.

You can also use partial wheels to make your Evive lunches or smoothies last longer. I usually use half of the wheel making each meal only around $3. When it’s broken down to that price point you really can’t beat the convenience, nutrition, and affordability. If you were to grab takeout of a similar lunch it would likely be well over $10 a serving.

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Can You Purchase Evive Products in Store?

Evive Smoothies are available in more than 2000 grocery stores across Canada including stores like Sobeys, Loblaws, Whole Foods, Co-Op, and more. At this time only their smoothie packs are available in-store, but they are working on expanding their lunch selection to be available in a store near you.

Healthy Lunches and Smoothies Delivered Right to Your Door

Most food subscription services I’ve tried have a lot of packaging and can be hit or miss with how the state of the food is by the time it arrives at your door. Evive seems to have both of these things on lockdown.

My Discover Box arrived still frozen even after taking multiple days to arrive. Thank you dry ice and good packaging! And, speaking of packaging, Evive’s insulation is made of recycled materials and can be put right back into the recycling! They kept everything simple so you get what you need for nutritious food while keeping waste to an absolute minimum.

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Final Thoughts Golden Curry Evive Lunch Review

If you’re a busy mom who neglects to feed herself nutritious food, then you need Evive Lunches in your life! They take the thinking out of healthy eating, are super convenient to prepare, are very nutritious, and at a competitive per serving price point.

I also appreciate that they’re low food waste. No more having ingredients go bad. Your meal stays good in the freezer and is easily heated and served within minutes. You can say goodbye to scrambling to put lunches together when you run out of leftovers!

Evive Lunch Flavours

Golden Curry Lunch

Evive’s Golden Curry Lunch is the perfect balance of Indian flavours with the right amount of heat that doesn’t leave your mouth burning. Serve on top of rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice for the perfect easy lunch.

Bam Chili

Evive’s Bam Chili Lunch is loaded with traditional ingredients from Mexico like corn, black beans, and avocado with a good level of heat. Serve on top of quinoa, or heat with vegetable broth to make a tasty soup.

Mac Squash

Evive’s Mac Squash Lunch was my favourite out of all of them! It’s the perfect healthy comfort food loaded with butternut squash, garlic, cashews, nutritional yeast, and tumeric. Serve over noodles for your perfect quick, easy, and healthy mac and cheese.

Tom Thai

Evive’s Tom Thai Lunch has a mild level of spice bursting with red curry flavours from ginger, curry, coconut cream, edamame beans, and other nutritoun packed ingredients. Serve over rice or vermicelli noodles, or heat with vegetable broth for a yummy soup.

Evive Smoothie Cubes

Evive Smoothie Cubes are perfect for busy moms. No blender needed, just add your liquid of choice (I like almond or coconut milk), let sit for 15 minutes, then shake and enjoy! It’s so simple, even the busiest of moms can enjoy a nutrition packed smoothie between school drop offs and work.

All of Evive’s smoothies are jam packed with good for you ingredients while remaining vegan and gluten free with no added sugar.

Evive Smoothie Flavours


Asana is one of my favourite flavours combining local ingredients with a twist from South America with ingredients like cherries, blueberries, acai berries, and various juices and plant based proteins.


Yogi is a balanced green smoothie with super foods like spinach, hemp seeds, kale, and spirulina, balanced out with sweeter fruits like banana and pear.


Saphir is a refreshing blue smoothie filled with banana, apple, pineapple, plant based proteins, and so much more. It’s soooo good!


Samouri is a red smoothie bursting with flavour from raspberries, strawberries, dates, beets, and other plant-based proteins and super foods. Pucker up, because this smoothie is delicious!


Touk-Touk is packed with anti-inflammatories to help you with glowing skin. With ingredients like tumeric, mango, pineapple, sea buckthorn, and coconut it helps give you a boost of energy to help you conquer busy mom life.


Yin is a tasty chai flavour packed with ingredients good for your digestive system like oats, apricots, carrots, and chai spices.

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Pure is a true green smoothie jam packed with good for you ingredients like mango, spinach, dates, avocado, ginger, matcha, and so much more.


Azteque is an invigorating antioxidant filled smoothie with a hit of chocolate. Made with ingredients like banana’s strawberries, pear, cocoa, and other good for you ingredients.


Viva is a beautiful purple smoothie filled with immune supportive ingredients like dragon fruit, bananas, strawberries, cauliflower, hemp seeds, and so much more.

Mango Aml Berry

Mango Amla Berry is Evive’s newest smoothie flavour. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but with ingredients like mango, banana, kiwi, dates, and coconut cream, you know it’s going to be absolutely delicious!

Orange Peach

Orange Peach is another immune support smoothie, but this one is jam packed with 13 grams of protein. Made with orange juice, bananas, peaches, apricots, and plant-based protein it takes your morning glass of OJ to the next level.

Cashew Mocha

Can you go wrong with coffee and chocolate? Cashew Mocha energizes you in the morning while giving you more health benefits than just straight up coffee. Filled with ingredients like banana, coffee, cashews, cocoa, and other fruits and super foods it’ll satisfy cravings while leaving you full with 18 grams of protein.

Blueberry Haskap

Blueberry Haskap is an antioxidant rich smoothie with loads of healthy ingredients to help enhance your mood and act as a natural antidepressant, and who couldn’t use more of that when juggling all that moms juggle!?! Filled with tasty flavours and nutritious ingredients like blueberries, bananas, apple juice, dates, and 18 grams of plant based proteins.

Passion Mango

Passion Mango is a protein smoothie filled with ingredients to help build and repair so you can have glowing skin. Ingredients include passionfruit, bananas, mangos, carrots, and other seeds and plant-based proteins.

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