The Fab Fit Fun Winter box marks a whole year that I’ve been receiving Fab Fit Fun boxes! It comes jam packed with full sized products ranging from beauty and fitness, to everyday items and gift cards. My favourite part of their subscription service is the fact that it contains all full sized products, and there is always a nifty everyday item that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself, but always fall in love with. My winter box favourite would be the cute little wine glass charms and wine bottle stopper, they’re too cute!

Are you thinking of subscribing to Fab Fit Fun? Find out what's inside and what kind of value you get.Are you thinking of subscribing to Fab Fit Fun? Find out what's inside and what kind of value you get.


Fab Fit Fun Winter Review 2015 - body cream, wine charms, dermologica, mittens, diffuser, nail polish, headphones, and gift cards

  1. Candlenut Body Creme by Juara
    – This stuff works great! Made my skin feel super soft, and it smells oh so good!
  2. Wine Stopper and Charm Set by Fab Fit Fun
    – This wine charm set is adorable and has become my favourite item from the box. The cute little dudes were a total hit on New Years.
  3. Travel Set with: Special Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner, and Skin Smoothing Cream by Dermalogica
    – I’ve always heard of Dermalogica and have been curious to try it out. I was happy to see the full travel set included in the Fab Fit Fun Winter Box. I like the consistency of the formulas, and I really like the fact that the toner is a spray on. I’ve never had spray on skin toner before, and I really like the application of it.
  4. Fingerless Gloves by Whitney eve and Fab Fit Fun
    – These gloves are great for when I’m walking the dog and using my cell phone. They are stylish and simple with a nice weave, and a cute little button.
  5. Diffuser by EJH Brand
    – I’ve never used a diffuser before, so this was a little new to me. We put it in our bathroom, because our plug in air freshener only works when the light is on, and we try to be really energy efficient. The scent is nice, and it works great in our bathroom!
  6. Nail Polish by ZoyaFrends Ear Buds Drink Water App Running Shoes Water Bottle Fab Fit Fun Winter Box Review Happy Stylish Fit
    – I love this nail polish! This season I’m a little obsessed with burgundy and dusty pink, and this nail polish has become a quick favourite of mine. The formula is also formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl pthalate, and camphor free! It also dries super quick!
  7. The Donna Earbud by Frends
    – These earbuds are super cute, work well, and fit nicely in the ear. I love the simple, stylish gold design! I tend to have smaller ears and have a lot of issues finding hard earbuds that fit my ears. These were pretty good, but my ears would get a little sore after I wore them over an hour or so. #SmallEarProblems
  8. Gift Card by Sweet and Spark
    Sweet and Spark has some cute vintage designs. After I sifted through the clip on earrings, and beautiful broaches I found a great deal on a pretty 60’s scalloped link necklace. The also have free world-wide shipping!
  9. $25 Gift Card by Shoptiques
    – I purchased some cute little lace boot toppers from Carte Blanche in Vancouver and paid only $2.76! Shoptiques has a huge selection of trendy fashion items. A lot of items are a little out of my price range but I was able to find some really cute things for more budget friendly prices.

Overall the Fab Fit Fun Winter Box was yet another great box, and I am happy to continue with my subscription service. Although it is the priciest of my current subscription services, costing roughly $75 depending on how the Canadian dollar is doing, it is one of my favourites. The service is seasonal, rather than monthly, and by being jam packed with full sized products it well earns its value. If you have any questions about my experience with the Fab Fit Fun Box I’d be happy to answer them for you, please comment below 🙂

I’d also love to hear about your thoughts of your Fab Fit Fun Winter Box, please share your experiences with a comment below 🙂

xo Jannine