I love fall, yes some people may say that makes me a #BasicWhiteGirl, but I don’t care. I love the change of  colours in the leaves, the coziness of scarves and candles, and of course pumpkin spice. With every season change I also get excited because I know it means a new Fab Fit Fun box is on it’s way, and this month lived up to all of the other boxes of seasons past. As usual I got some awesome makeup items, beauty items, fashion items, fitness item, and some other fun everyday items. Continue reading to see the full fall edition Fab Fit Fun subscription box review.

Take a peek inside this awesome quarterly box with this fall Fab Fit Fun subscription box review.

Subscription Box: Fab Fit Fun
Edition: Fall
Cost: $49.99 US, roughly $75 CAD
Recurrence: Seasonally



If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram feed and stories I am obsessed with this blanket scarf. It’s super soft, and very versatile. I wore it draped over my shoulders as a shawl to work, and got so many compliments! I was basically wearing a blanket to work and felt like I was comfy in my pj’s, but still looked totally polished and work appropriate – win win! Value $34.99 USD. $20 off a $100 purchase coupon code also included.

Take a peek inside this awesome quarterly box with this fall Fab Fit Fun subscription box review.#2 GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE TRAVEL MUG


How cute is this mug!? It’s perfect for those Monday blues, and any day that’s having a rough start. Check out their other mugs, they’re super cute! I have my eyes on an adorable “Stay Cool” pineapple mugValue $19 USD. 15% off coupon code also included. 



Fab Fit Fun gives subscribers a chance to order add on items before boxes ship out. Some of the items are from previous boxes, and other items are totally new. I chose to get this cute vegan leather purse charm to add to my go-to brown handbag. The purse charm was a great introduction to Melie Bianca. Her collections include beautiful vegan leather handbags with lots of fringe and tassels for a reasonable price. I may have to head to her website for my next purse purchase. Value unknown. 



Fab Fit Fun also includes sponsored items which are always a bonus item and not included in the total value of the box. I love having cleansing wipes around and am happy to add these to my car kit.



I love a great nude pallet and this pallet does not disappoint. Although the colours are a little deep to be considered a nude pallet for my super pale skin, I still love the natural tones. The shimmers are super shimmery and beautiful, and all of the shades are highly pigmented. Check out my Instagram for the first look I created with the palette using the Macadamia, Toffee, Cocoa, Espresso, and Licorice colours . Value $50 USD. A 20% off coupon code is also included. 

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If you haven’t tried colouring yet, I highly reccommend it. It’s a great way to center yourself and put your mind at ease. It’s also great to pass the time while you’re travelling – it sure helped on my plane trip to Mexico last spring. I’ve been colouring since I first saw adult colouring books come out and was happy to see this cute little book and pencils included in the box. Fab Fit Fun didn’t stop with these 2 items, they also made the entire box colourable – not sure if that’s a real word, but I’m going to go with it – in support of this season’s charity, Pencils of PromiseValue $14 USD.



I’m personally not the biggest fan of the scent, but I think it will make a great gift – that’s the great thing about these boxes, even if I don’t like the item, it’ll make a great gift for others. The body oil made my skin nice and soft, and is supposed to be quite calming to your skin and senses – great for a nighttime moisturizer. Value $18 USD. Also included is a 20% off coupon code. 

Take a peek inside this awesome quarterly box with this fall Fab Fit Fun subscription box review.#8 BULGARIAN ROSE BODY WASH INFUSED BUFFER


To be honest, I was a little weirded out by the idea of an infused buffer. I mean, how are you supposed to wring it out and keep it clean? After I got over my judgements  and actually tried it, I really liked it. It lathers nicely, smells great, and left my skin feeling super soft. It doesn’t get gross, because you’re supposed to squeeze out excess water after each use, and only use it for 14 showers. It doesn’t really have time to get yucky. This product is something that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, but I’m totally happy with, another reason why I love getting these boxes. Value $16 USD. A 30% off coupon code is also included. 



I don’t really like the scent of this product, and it didn’t live up to it’s promise of not leaving behind any marks. I purposely rubbed the sleeve of my black sweater along my armpit about a minute after I put it on. Although the antiperspirant dried quickly, it did leave a very light residue. The residue is the most minimal of any deoderant/antipersperant I’ve ever used, but it still leaves a light white mark. I also have fairly sensitive skin and found this product slightly irritated it. I’m going to stick with my Dove antipersperant until I can find a more natural version that I like.



This is the first brow gel I’ve ever used, and I’m in love! It’s clear, which is great for Fab Fit Fun to be able to suit all subscribers, and it keeps everything in place throughout the entire day. I still have to test how it stands up to a hot yoga class, but everything I’ve tried hasn’t been able to take down The BrowGal. The only thing you need to watch out for is to not use too much product. Light wispy strokes is all you need to set everything in place to take on your day. Value $20 USD and it’s worth every penny!

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These cute little socks will be perfect for some at home yoga and barre during the colder months. They’re really grippy on the bottom to prevent slipping, and they come in so many different cute colours. ToeSox is also a Canadian company which I was super happy to see included in the Fab Fit Fun box #CanadianPride. Value $18. Also include is a 15% off coupon code. 



This add on item was included in an old Fab Fit Fun box from before I started blogging. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for it since then and haven’t seen it anywhere. As soon as I saw it available as an add on I knew I had to scoop some up. If you ever see any Gorge hair products, I highly reccommend you try them out. I’ve only ever tried the I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray, but with a product this awesome, I’m sure their other products are just as great. Value $29.95 USD for full size. 

This month’s box has a total value of $239.99 USD for the fair price of $49.99 USD, and that’s not including the add on items or sponsored items. Although the box is more expensive compared to some of the other ones I get like Ipsy, it only comes every 3 months compared to every month. When you do the math they are very comparable on a monthly basis. Fab Fit Fun gives slightly less products, but all of them are full size, and you also get a wider range of product types. Instead of everything being beauty related you get some fashion, fitness, and everyday items too. I think you can tell I’m totally in love with the box. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of the products before and what you thought of them. Leave a comment below.

xo Jannine

Take a peek inside this awesome quarterly box with this fall Fab Fit Fun subscription box review.

Take a peek inside this awesome quarterly box with this fall Fab Fit Fun subscription box review.