611, 2020

Preschool Activities for 4 Year Olds

November 6th, 2020|Activities, Family|

These preschool activities for 4 year olds are a great combination of real life activities, science activities, and art activities while having fun in nature!

Looking for more ideas? These activities for 3 year olds are part of a series I’m doing with Carly from Mindful Education to share kids activities for toddlers and preschool aged kids. Carly […]

2409, 2020

Toddler Activities for 3 Year Olds

September 24th, 2020|Activities, Family|

We can all use some great ideas when it comes to activities for 3 year olds, and these ones require minimal setup using items you likely already have in your house. So set some stuff up, keep your toddler busy, and get done what you need to get done while your little one has some fun while working on their fine motor skills and sensory experiences. It’s really win […]

309, 2020

5 Toddler Teeth Brushing Tips

September 3rd, 2020|Family, Toddlers|

Why do some seemingly simple things have to be so hard with kids 😩 You would think toddler teeth brushing is a simple quick thing to get done, but somehow it can turn into a straight up WWE smack down leaving everyone stressed and crying. That was us for 2 years and it was f’ing terrible! I felt like I tried every tip I saw but nothing […]

1408, 2020

Toddler Activities for 12 – 18 Month Olds

August 14th, 2020|Activities, Family, Toddlers|

I am so excited to have teamed up with a local Early Childhood Educator, Carly from Mindful Education, to show you a bunch of new kids’ activities! Today she’s sharing 3 fun sensory filled activities for 12 – 18 month olds, and stay tuned for new activities coming every 2 weeks!

Carly loves being able to support each unique child to be fully themselves. Using your […]

805, 2020

DIY Playroom Teepee Makeover

May 8th, 2020|Home, Toddlers|

The kid’s playroom has never quite felt right for me. It’s an awkward space with a huge baby gate wrapping around our wood stove making the actual play space quite narrow. Previously our playroom teepee was in the corner but it felt like it took up more room. Moving it to the center has actually made it feel more open and given us some usable space on each side […]