This Sunday is our first anniversary, and this first year of marriage has easily been the year with the biggest changes in my life. We married when I was 4 months pregnant and since then we’ve met our beautiful boy Logan (check out our birth story), purchased our first home in a new area (see tips for buying your first home), started renovations, made huge decisions about our finances and work life, and most recently went through a traumatic event with 2 of our dogs. Needless to say, married life has been quite eventful and we have had to communicate and lean on each other a lot.

In going through all of these highs and lows our relationship is stronger than ever. There will always be times when we annoy each other and fight, but the important thing is that you get through it, and that you continuously work at being a good partner. We definitely aren’t experts, but these 5 tips will help you have open communication and lower your frustration levels.

Make Time For Your Relationship

As the hecticness of life goes on, especially when you add in kids, it can be easy to slip into day to day motions and not putting any time into your relationship. Marriage is work. Keep that flame burning by taking time to enjoy each other.

Take time for your marriage.

Clear The Air As Soon As Something Bothers You

Bottling things up is a terrible thing to do to your relationship. The longer you hold on to things the worse it gets, and as you get more bitter about things you can start to get snappier with your husband, that ticks him off, and it goes on and on. Don’t let this happen! As soon as something bothers you talk about it.

1st year of marriage.

Talk About Plans For The Future Together

Make sure you are on the same page for your future plans, and get specific. Going back to work could mean different things to each of you. You might be stressing about going back full time after having your first baby, but he might be thinking of adding a part time income. Things also change so make sure you are revisiting these plans regularily.

5 lessons learned from the 1st year of marriage.

Know What’s Most Important For Your Husband

Don’t stress yourself out trying to get everything done. Find out what is most important to your husband and focus on that. He’ll be happy and you’ll be less stressed #WinWin.

What I've learned in the first year of marriage.

Tell Him What You Need

Your husband can’t read your mind. If you want a certain kind of date night, or want him to massage you a little bit differently tell him. Don’t expect him to just know. Save your frustration and help him out by letting him know what you need/want.

Tips from the 1st year of marriage.

Thank you to Juliana Wigmore from Spark and Whimsy Photography for my amazing wedding photos. I also want to thank Laura from SS Heart blog for inspiring me to write this anniversary recap post. You can check out her 6 tips after 6 years of marriage for some more relationship inspo and to look at really pretty wedding photos <3

xo Jannine

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5 lessons from the first year of marriage.

5 lessons from the first year of marriage.