With the holiday season fast approaching it’s the time of year when many of us have houseguests. It can be a bit overwhelming speed cleaning your house and getting your guest room ready but it doesn’t need to be. We recently had houseguests over and found these tips to be the most important when getting everything ready for their stay. Take some of the stress out of it and concentrate on these 10 priorities next time you have guests staying over.

#1 Clean the Bathroom

If you only have time to clean one room in your home, your bathroom should be your top priority. Houseguests generally don’t mind a bit of dust here and there, but it’s easy to get grossed out by a not super clean bathroom. Take the time to deep clean your shower, toilet, and sink, as well as taking time to do the floors. Every other part of your house can be a quick tidy and your guests will be happy.

#2 Freshen the Air in Your Home

Everyone loves walking into a home and having it smell nice. Whether you like a fresh scent or a cozy winter aroma take the time to diffuse some essential oils (shop my favourite essential oil diffuser) or burn some scented candles.

10 Tips for preparing your guest room for house guests. Tip #2 freshen the air with essential oil diffusers or scented candles.

#3 Warm Up the Guest Room

Our guest room is often left unheated because it’s generally unused. If your guests are visiting during the colder months make sure to warm up the guest room before they arrive.

#4 Provide Lots of Blankets

Everyone likes sleeping at different temperatures. Let your guest decide how cozy they need to be by having the option of lots and lots of blankets in the guest room. Some people may not use them, but one day you’ll have that person that’s always cold and they’ll be so thankful to have piles of blankets to stay warm with.

10 Tips for preparing your guest room for house guests. Tip #4 leave them plenty of blankets to use as they please.

#5 Leave Out Towels

Don’t wait for your houseguest to ask where towels are. Leave them a nice clean set either in their own area in the bathroom, or if you’re like me and don’t have room, leave them out in the guest room for them.

#6 Leave Out Toilet Paper

It’s never fun to be left on the toilet with no toilet paper and no idea where to find more. Save your guests the frustration and possible embarrassment by having plenty of extra rolls of toilet paper within eyesight and reach of the toilet.

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#7 Remote Instructions

All of our remotes can work in different ways, and some older houseguests may not be so quick to figure out yours. Make them feel at ease by giving them a quick run down of which remote to use and how to use it. Some people like to leave out instructions, but giving a quick tutorial is plenty helpful.

10 tips for preparing your guest room for house guests. Tip #6 show your guests how to operate your remotes.

#8 Post Your Wifi Info

Keep your wifi information accessible. We have ours printed on a card that is easy to leave on our coffee table when we have guests. You can also write it on a chalkboard or whiteboard in your kitchen. Do whatever works for you, and your houseguests will appreciate it being ready and available for them.

#9 Get Things Morning Ready

Most people enjoy some coffee or tea in the morning, and you never know how early your houseguest may rise. Leave them out some mugs and coffee and tea so they can easily make themselves a cup without having to disturb you.

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#10 Consider Leaving a Key

If your guests are staying for an extended period of time consider leaving them a spare key so they can come and go as they please.


There ya have it, 10 tips for getting your home ready for house guests. I’d love to hear what some of your tips are, please leave a comment below.

xo Jannine

10 Tips for preparing your home for houseguests.

10 Tips for preparing your guest room for houseguests.