Do you like braided hairstyles, but don’t feel too confident doing your own? Follow these tips to find out how to braid and make that braided hairstyle Instagram worthy.

#1 START WITH THE BASICSCheck out these 5 tips to up your braid game and get those Instagram worthy braids.

If you want to master your braid start with the basics and move your way up. Get to know your basic braid, french braid, dutch braid, and fishtail braid. Practice, practice, practice, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away. You’re not going to have the perfect braid every time, just keep at it and you’ll get better and better.

If you have extra time to get ready on the weekends practice a cute braid. Feel like relaxing at home and having some girly time? Practice a braid alongside a YouTube tutorial. Hanging out at the beach with friends? Practice your braids on your friends. If you want to get better at it just practice, practice, practice. Once you feel confident doing the 4 main styles you can make any braided hairstyle.


Using the right supplies will make your braid look nice and polished giving it that extra umph. If you’re doing more than a single braid be sure to part your hair neatly with a pointy end of a comb or something similar. Finish your braids off with small clear elastics, rather than thicker ponytail ones, or if you’re able to – such as a side braid into a pony – conceal your elastic with a piece of hair. You can pin the hair in place or use a small topsy tail hair tool to secure it by pulling it through your braid.

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Don’t rush. Give yourself enough time and slowly work through your braid. Don’t try something new when you’re short on time before work – trust me, it doesn’t work out well. If you rush yourself you get frustrated, screw it all up, and end up putting your hair in a top knot or pony, and we don’t want that do we.


This is probably the #1 way to give your braid that WOW factor. After spraying some texturizing spray, slowly pull it apart by starting at the top while you gently hold your braid a couple of inches further down – slowly is the key word here, it’s easy to pull out more hair, but it’s hard to pop it back in if you pull out too much. Slowly work your way down the braid going from side to side. Don’t worry about stray end pieces popping out, that’s what bobby pins are for.

Bonus tip – if your hair is slippery or just not pulling apart well try spraying it with some more texturizing spray. 

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Ever finish your braid only to find that it lays a little weird, or is looser in some areas? It’s probably because you weren’t pulling in the right direction as you braided. If you’re braiding the top of your hair in a mohawk make sure you are pulling towards the back of your head rather than slightly down and to the side – I know it may be easier for your arms, but it’s not worth it. If you want your braided pigtails to lie in front of your shoulders make sure you are pulling forward once you get to the base of your neck. Your braid will lie nicely in whatever direction you pull in, and will lie weird if you try to get it to sit any different – make sure you’re pulling the right way.

Bonus tip – if you’re finding your clear elastics keep breaking on you after you wear your braid for a while you may be wrapping them too many times. Generally you only need to wrap it twice to secure your braid. 


There ya have it 5 tips to bring your braid from blah to fab. Use these braid tips for how to braid and share your masterpiece with pride. If you want more braid inspiration and beauty tips follow me on Instagram @HappyStylishFit.

xo Jannine

Check out these 5 tips to up your braid game and get those Instagram worthy braids.Check out these 5 tips to up your braid game and get those Instagram worthy braids.