I know, I know, it can be hard to make time to get ready in the morning. The kids are up and demanding attention so you toss your hair up in a bun, add some mascara, do your brows and call it a day. But when you take a bit of time, really just a quarter of an hour or less, you can put yourself first for those few minutes and look more put together and feel more confident.

15 minutes can sound like a long amount of time, but mama I’m talking about 15 minutes to brush your teeth, wash your face, and do your hair. Yes, you really can get all of that done and look put together for your day, and mama you deserve it! If that’s not enough to win you over, think about your kidlets. You want them to see that self care is important, and that the moms and women in their lives deserve me time and that they value taking care of themselves and see themselves as beautiful.

Use these tips to help you get ready in under 15 minutes. Feel free to drop things if you’re short on time, or to add things if you feel like I’ve missed anything, but believe me mama, with these tips you can get ready and look great in less than 15 minutes. So wake up 15 minutes early or put the kids down in front of some toys. Do what you gotta do and make sure you take a bit of time for yourself in the morning.

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Tips for Looking More Awake

Between all of the nighttime wake-ups and running around chasing and cleaning up after tiny people, I think we can all agree our main goal for doing our makeup is to look more awake. Aside from the obvious mascara and brows, you can use highlighter, concealer, and a bit of eyeliner to achieve this.

  1. Apply concealer in an upside down triangle pattern and blend with a brush or your finger. You will also probably want to apply and blend any other blemishes around your face because let’s face it, no one’s skin looks as perfect as it does on social media. Seal everything in with a translucent or light foundation powder.
  2. Next apply highlighter to the corner of your eye and under your brow bone. This will make your eyes look more open and awake, no one will be able to tell you’re running on broken sleep and caffeine! If you can spare an extra minute quickly use a blender brush and a medium brown and swipe that along your crease. This helps define your eyes and make them pop a bit more. It’s not essential, but it doesn’t take long so I always try to include it in my routine and notice a difference.
  3. Girl, this next tip is for you if you suck at eyeliner and it feels like it takes F O R E V E R to get one straight line, let alone get it to match on the other eye. Use a kohl pencil liner and quickly add a bit of black, brown or navy (it all depends on your preference and how soft you want it to be) just to the outer corners of your eyes (check out the video for how I do this). Then add a bit of a light nude colour to the inner part of your lower lash line to open those eyes up even more.
  4. Finish with mascara and brows. If you’re not already using it, brow mascara is your best friend! In just a few quick swipes you have filled in neatly brushed brows. No need to take your time filling them in with pencil, shadow, or whatever else when you have a child tugging at your pants for attention.

How to get ready quickly in the morning when your kids are damanding your attention. Mama you deserve to take time for you. Mom self care is so important!

Optional Finishing Touches to Help You Look More Put Together

I put these as optional because if you’re super low on time you can skip over these and still look awake, but if you have just a couple of extra minutes you can add them in and they’ll help bring your whole look together.

  1. Add some blush to your cheeks to help you look more lively. Not sure where to apply blush for your face shape? Check out this pin and make sure to follow me on Pinterest for lots of beauty, food, and motherhood lifestyle inspo.
  2. Tie everything together with your lippy of choice. Basic chapstick works great, but I love using either a long lasting matte lipstick because you don’t have to reapply it a zillion times throughout the day, or a nice moisturizing lip gloss to keep your lips hydrated while giving them a bit of colour.

Tips for Doing Your Hair

I think all of us jump to a classic mom bun because of how easy it is to toss up and leave with no brush required. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I rock the mom bun all the time, but there are other options out there. I’m thinking of doing a whole post with 3 – 5 quick hairstyles so let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in something like that, but for now I’ll leave you with some tips that will help you save on time and look slightly more polished than that go to mom bun.

  • Dry shampoo is your best friend. If you’re not already using it you’re seriously missing out, but if you are already using it are you using it correctly? Check out my 7 hair hacks to learn how to use it correctly and say goodbye to those white flakes left in your hair.
  • Work with what you got. Did you have some extra time the day before to have a cute braided ponytail or some sort of up do? Keep that cute do going strong by working with it. You can keep the braid and quickly brush those flyaways back into a nice braided ponytail. If you had a cute updo like a lower bun just finger comb things a bit neater and add extra bobby pins to keep everything in place.
  • Make your ponytail look more polished by quickly wrapping a piece of hair around the elastic band. It only takes a minute and it makes your hair game that much better.
  • Add a cute accessory. I have been obsessing over Bunhead scrunchies and actually ordered some this morning! They’re perfect for adding a touch of colour and polish to your mom bun or other hairstyle. You could also add nice little clips or other hair accessories to give you a more put together look.

Tips for moms to get ready quickly in the mornings.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you think I missed anything or if you have any tips for other mamas please leave them in the comments below. I’m also thinking about making this a series that will include fashion tips and hair tutorials. If this is something you’ll be interested in please let me know below.

xo Jannine

A quick morning routine for moms to get ready in less then 15 minutes. Do this mom self care to feel a bit better during the day. You deserve it mama! #MorningRoutine #QuickMakeupRoutine #Mom #Motherhood

Tips for a quick morning routine for moms who feel rushed in the morning. Take the time for this mom self care and do some quick makeup to perk you up for the day. You deserve it mama! #MomSelfCare #SelfCare #MorningRoutine #BeautyRoutine #MomRoutine #Motherhood #mama

How to get ready in less than 15 minutes. Tips for moms to get ready quickly in the morning. #Motherhood #Beauty #Routine

A Moms Guidebook - How to get ready in 15 minutes or less. #Motherhood #BeautyTips #Beauty #Routies #Mornings