It’s easy to get caught up into the daily hustle and bustle and start to let our fitness slide. Then the more things slide, the harder it can be to get back into the swing of things with a regular exercise routine. These tips are all something you can slowly integrate into your regular routine and are all about having fun with fitness. There’s no need to drag yourself grudgingly to the gym just to incorporate exercise into your everyday. Instead try doing simple things that bring more movement into your day, and start doing more things that are fun and get your blood pumping at the same time.

Set a Movement Timer

Set a timer to go off on regular intervals throughout the day to remind you to move. Some fitness trackers have this option, but you can use a regular timer or alarm on your phone too. If it goes off and you haven’t moved in a while take a break and move a little. You could go for a short walk around the office, or around the house. You could also do a short 7 minute workout to an app (6 Fitness Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals), or do a mini workout from YouTube or Pinterest (7 At Home Pinterest Workouts).

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Park Far Away

This is an easy way to get some extra exercise into your day. Whenever you park anywhere, park towards the back of the parking lot. You’ll get some extra steps in walking to and from wherever you go.

Incorporate Exercise Into Your Regular Activities

Incorporate basic exercises into everyday activities. Try doing squats or lunges next time you’re cooking or brushing your teeth. You could also make a game while watching Netflix or TV. Whenever a certain character does something they always do you could drop and do 10 squats. For example, whenever they say winter or dragons on Game of Thrones you could do squats and tricep dips off of your couch.

Find a Workout You Love

Working out doesn’t need to be a chore. You’ll be way more likely to stick to a regular workout if it’s something you enjoy doing, rather than dragging yourself to the gym or wherever you don’t like working out. Try joining a fun class, I personally love doing zumba, barre (Get That Ballerina Butt With a Barre Workout), or pole dancing. You could also join a team sport, or do a fun activity with a friend like going for a hike, or passing a frisbee around.

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Use a Mantra to Convince You

I can be queen of making up excuses to not go to the gym, but what keeps me going is saying to myself “I’ve never regretted working out. I’ve only regretted not going, so get off your butt and workout, you know you’ll feel better after!” (How to Stay Motivated to Stay Fit). Find some sort of mantra that works for you and helps give you the kick in the butt you need!

Get a Motivational Playlist

Music an be a great motivator. Keep your workout playlist fresh, or try mixing up some great Spotify playlists. I haven’t quite made it on the Spotify bandwagon, but I think the time might be here. What are some of your favourite Spotify playlists? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to check them out once I finally sign up.

Get Cute Workout Gear

I don’t know about you, but I always find it a mood booster to use cute things. Whether it’s a notebook, pen, or a cute water bottle, I always find it more motivating to use them when they’re cute. Try getting some cute new workout gear to boost your motivation to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine (What to Wear to Hot Yoga and What to Expect From Your First Class).

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Reward Yourself

Use a reward system to motivate you to keep you on track. You could even reward yourself with some cute workout gear!


There you go, 8 tips to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. There’s no room for excuses. Make small steps to incorporate more movement and you’ll find yourself feeling better and that it’s easier to motivate yourself to do more. I’d love to hear what your favourite way to move is. Please leave me a comment below.

xo Jannine

Bring more fitness into your routine with these tips to incorporate exercise into your everyday.

Bring more fitness into your routine with these tips to incorporate exercise into your everyday.