If you tuned into my Instagram stories earlier today you would have heard why this Wearable Wednesday post is actually out on a Tuesday. I had every intention of getting it done, but then a whole lot of things got tossed at me that had to be dealt with right away, so here I am, 1 day later, getting this post out to you. For the same reason there will not be a video post up tomorrow, but you’ll still get a blog post, and a fun girls night out makeup tutorial is coming next week! Now on to the actual post…

Last Wearable Wednesday was mixing patterns, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to do 1 more mixing patterns outfit post that was a little more bold. Last week was all about dipping your toes into mixing patterns by incorporating one of your patterns in an accessory. It could be a bag, like the cute floral one from last week, or it could be shoes.

This week is about going full blown mixed patterns with polished accessories and I’m going to tell you just how to do it with 3 guidelines. For this particular mixed patterned outfit I went for a more classic look with this beautiful floral midi skirt. It’s a piece that’s sat in my closet barely worn, but with the midi skirt trend and it being floral season I thought it was the perfect time to bring it out to let it shine. I dressed it down a bit with a comfy striped tshirt, but kept things polished with these fabulous fergie shoes with a sparkle heel, simple belt, and a statement necklace as my 3rd piece that ties into the colours of the skirt. Scroll to the bottom to see 3 guidelines for mastering mixing patterns.

#1 Keep it Within the Same Colour Palette

As you can see in the outfit below the base of each of the patterns is black. When you keep your patterns within the same colour palette it looks cohesive and prevents it from being too all over the pace. If I paired this skirt with a blue striped top it would look all wrong. If you’re just starting out with mixing patterns I recommend keeping one piece on the more neutral side. Although the striped tshirt is a pattern, it looks neutral in just black and white. Once you feel more comfortable you can try to be more adventurous. With the outfit below you could try matching it with a yellow patterned top for a more adventurous look.

Good basic patterns to start with include neutral stripes, polka dots, or a simple plaid.

#2 Match Colours, Not Prints

As mentioned above you generally want to keep the same base colour within your outfit, but many people feel as though they should match the print. Sometimes it works, but for the most part you want to stay away from an all floral, or all striped outfit.

#3 Mix Up The Scale

Stay away from a small polka dot pattern mixed with a small floral pattern. You want to mix it up for a more balanced look.

Small + Medium

Small + Large

Medium + Large

Small + Medium + Large

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There ya have it, 3 guidelines to stick to when starting out mixing patterns. This week’s post is also the first time I worked with a photographer, Timothy West with wonderful assistant Melissa West, and it was wonderful. I love working with my Mom taking photos, but it was a really great experience working with professionals and they were so fun! If you’re a blogger that hasn’t worked with a professional photographer I highly recommend it, and if you’re in Victoria, Timothy West is your guy. Check out Tim and Melissa online here:

Tim West on Facebook and Instagram

Melissa West on Facebook and Instagram

xo Jannine

How to mix stripes like a fashionista. Three guidelines for mixing patterns.

How to mix stripes like a fashionista. Three guidelines for mixing patterns.