As you may have noticed, things have been a little quiet around here for the last 2 weeks. I had wholeheartedly planned on scheduling some posts to go up while all of the wedding and family events went on, but unfortunately, that just didn’t happen. The wedding planning and running around started piling up and I knew I needed to give myself a break, but today I am back in action, and I figured I’d update all of you on what’s been going on these last 2 weeks.

On Saturday, August 26th I married the man of my dreams. We got married right on the beach at my Mom’s and Step Dad’s property on Lake Cowichan, with the reception, dance party, and camping slightly behind that. The weather and setting couldn’t have been more perfect, not a cloud in the sky with the beautiful mountains as the backdrop.

A LOT of work went into setting up the property. It was a completely DIY wedding, and we are lucky enough to have a fabulous group of friends and family that helped us clean up the property, set up the decor, make the food, and a million other things. With some late nights, it all came together beautifully, and it was a lot of fun spending the weekend with everyone.

After the wedding we still had a lot of family stuff to do, the house was a complete mess, and I was completely exhausted. I spent some time resting up, doing some house shopping, and cleaning our house from top to bottom. I don’t know if it’s from the excitement of the wedding, new married life, or pregnancy, but I’m in major nesting mode and having fun redecorating, and making photo albums and baby books.

Yesterday we had a low key gender reveal party. We tried to keep it as small as possible, but this wedding and baby events has shown me that we have quite a lot of close family and friends, which I couldn’t be more grateful for, but it also means that we can’t seem to do any family events with less than 20 people. Everyone brought tasty food for a potluck and we had gender reveal cupcakes made so we could experience the special moment together.

It really didn’t matter to me whether it’s a boy or girl, as long as it’s healthy, but it’s so exciting to know that it’s a boy and I can start buying some super cute little boy clothes, and we can start referring to him by his name!

So there’s a little recap for you. I am thinking of doing a DIY wedding tips post, and a low key gender reveal party post. If that’s something you’re interested in please let me know in the comments below 🙂

It’s great to be back, and this Saturday I’ll have a super cute fall makeup look posted that I filmed a couple of weeks ago, can’t wait to share it with you!

xo Jannine