Is Lovevery worth it? Find out in this thorough Lovevery Play Kit review. There’s lots of buzz about Lovevery online, but is it actually worth the price tag? We’ll dig into the company, quality of the Lovevery Play Kit toys, inclusivity, and most importantly, what do kids and moms actually think?

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Is Lovevery Worth It?

Are you wondering if Lovevery Play Kits are really worth it? You're not alone! There's so many different options for educational montessori toys it can be confusing and overwhelming. This post is going to show you if the quality and value of the play kits is worth the monthly payment for this toy subscription box | Lovevery Review | Lovevery Play Kits | Toddler Play Kits |

Lovevery isn’t just any toy company. Their Lovevery play kits are specifically targeted to your child’s age and development, and their shop offers an ever-expanding range of toys and home goods.

Being a mom is hard enough. You have a million things to juggle, it can be hard to keep up with what you “should” be doing for your child’s development, but Lovevery has your back. Backed by neuroscientists, occupational therapists, behaviorists, psychologists, academics, and Montessori experts, they bring the nerdy scientific research into your home in an approachable fun way so you can have the tools to foster your child’s development right from the start.

I don’t know about you, but anything that takes the thinking out of it and helps ease my mental load is totally worth it.

Lovevery Play Kit Review

Lovevery Play Kits are set up in two and three month increments depending on your child’s age with each box targeted at their current stage in development. Babies change and develop so quickly which is why the newborn – 12 months boxes come every two months, whereas 13 months – 36 months Lovevery play kits are stretched out to every three months. Each play kit contains an assortment of just under 10 toys and books. Their toys help with particular skills your child is learning at their specific stage in life (stacking, object permanence, fine motor skills, etc), and the books are great accompaniments that can also help work through real life scenarios like getting an annual checkup.

You can easily sign up for Lovevery play kits by supplying basic information, with the option to set it up as gift, which they make perfect gifts BTW! Prices range from $80 – $120 per box which can be a bit of a sticker shock, but it’s broken down to $40 per month and you have the option to save 5% by prepaying. When you think of it like that it’s a great deal for everything that comes inside, especially when looking at toys like the car ramp and ball drop that would easily be at least $30 on their own. When you do the math like that Lovevery is worth it, both from a money standpoint and by making mom’s life easier.

I also wanted to note that their customer service is fantastic! We lost a bolt from our Buddy Stroller and the Lovevery team was so helpful in sorting everything out. They helped us figure out what piece was needed, sent a new one, and provided clear instructions to send the old one back free of charge. They remained prompt and clear throughout all of their communications and it felt like they truly cared about us, which is so appreciated.

Lovevery Montessotri Toys

Is Lovevery Worth It? – Quality

Their toys are manufactured from sustainably sourced wood and organic cotton and third party tested to ensure there are no harmful coatings and that they are free of dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, and phthalates. They also rigorously test their products to ensure they stand up to the rough and tumble use of babies and toddlers.

My kid’s are smashy and rough with their toys. They have put them to the test, and with Lovevery toys you can rest assured that your child is safe playing with, on, and even sucking any of their products. If you have a rough and tumble kid you know exactly how stressful it can be worrying if they’re going to break or hurt themselves with toys, and with Lovevery you don’t have to worry about it.

The Play Kits by Lovevery

Each Lovevery Play Kit is created around fostering the development of your child during that specific age with open ended toys and educational books, and they really nail it on the head with this. Every time we’re expecting a play kit I doubt that my kids will be interested in some of the toys, and every single time they prove me wrong, and often times it ends up being their favourite toy from the box.

The toys will last your kids long past the prescribed two or three months the box is geared for. My toddlers are currently 1.5 and almost 3, and they both enjoy playing with each other’s toys. They may not use them as intended, but I think it speaks to the life span of the toys. They also really hold their resale value and can easily be packaged up and sold after your kid’s have outgrown the play kits.

Is Lovevery Worth It? – Inclusivity

Lovevery is one of the most inclusive toy companies out there. They do a great job of including kids from all different races and abilities in their books, toys, and marketing. Their dolls are kept gender and race neutral so kids can use their imagination, and as a mom I really appreciate that my children have a chance to see kids from so many different backgrounds during their at home playtime.

Lovevery Inclusive Montessori Toys Play Kit Review

Is Lovevery It? Do kids love it as much as moms seem to?

As you can probably tell from this Lovevery review, we’re avid fans! We’ve been getting their playkits for a year and will only stop when the kids age out, and hopefully they’ll keep coming out with new products so that doesn’t happen! In my opinion the Lovevery Play Kits are well worth it.

I always know that when we receive our box I have a full afternoon and evening of happily entertained kids. And what’s better, is these toys are more than just a flashy new attraction. They continue to be some of my kids favourite toys (after dinosaurs of course 😉) months after first receiving them. I also find the activity ideas included in their in-box guide, as well as on their blog, to be really helpful when thinking of new ways to keep the kids entertained for a given period of time.

The play kits are filled with quality toys that will out last your children, and that’s coming from a mom who’s toddler boy’s nickname is Bam Bam. These toys are built really well! Lovevery really helps you learn to foster your kid’s development even when it feels like life is too busy. They take the sea of information we as mothers try and sift through and break it down in a way that’s actually practical for us and enjoyable for our children, and if that isn’t worth it, I don’t know what is.

Shop Lovevery

I hope you found this Lovevery review helpful. If you have any questions please comment below and if I can’t personally answer it I will reach out to the company for you. If you found this to be helpful in making your decision to purchase Lovevery please do so through one of my links in this post. I receive a small commission from each person which helps support my family and compensates me for all of the time creating helpful content for you and your support is always so so appreciated 💕

All the best,

xo Jannine

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Want to make sure your child has the best chance to develop on track but not sure how? You aren't along! Lovevery takes the nerdy science and breaks it down in a practical way for busy moms. This thorough Lovevery review comes from a mom of two under two who barely has time to get everything done, but wants the best for her kids. Find out if the Lovevery Play Kits are worth it by heading to the blog | Lovevery Review | Lovevery Play Kits | Toddler Play Kits |