Your body is going through so many changes throughout pregnancy making it really hard and sometimes quite discouraging to find clothes that not only fit but also make you feel good. At the beginning of the second trimester, I started to get quite discouraged and hated getting dressed in the morning, and it used to be one of my favourite things to do. That’s when I decided to invest in a few maternity pieces and take some time to clean out my closet so I could feel better when getting ready in the morning.

In this post I’ll cover the maternity clothing debate and help you figure out what pieces are worth investing in and let you know my favourite places to shop. Then I’ll pass along some of my maternity style tips that helped me get the most out of what I already had and feel comfortable while still feeling like I could be stylish throughout pregnancy.

If you’re struggling with not feeling good about yourself while you’re getting ready I highly recommend cleaning out your closet. It really helped eliminate the things that would contribute to making me feel bad about myself. I went through my entire closet and tossed some things I no longer wore and boxed up everything that wouldn’t fit me throughout pregnancy. I felt a million times better about getting dressed after I did a clean out and a little maternity shopping.

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The Maternity Clothing Debate

Many women talk about not wanting to buy maternity clothing because of how expensive it can be, especially when you’re only going to wear it for a few months. I completely understand that viewpoint, but I do think it is important to spend a bit of money on staples and multipurpose pieces. As your belly grows your options become very limited and you end up wearing many of the same pieces over and over again, making it more worth it to invest in staples and multipurpose pieces that can carry you through your pregnancy and after.

My favourite places to shop for maternity clothing are:

  • Bellies in Bloom – They’re great for good investment pieces that are built to last you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. They also carry a great selection of natural pregnancy/nursing products such as nipple cream, bum cream, herbal teas, and more. Plus if you shop locally the store owners are super friendly and helpful, but you can shop online too.
  • H&M Maternity – Their maternity section opened just in time for my pregnancy and I couldn’t have been happier. They were a great place for finding maternity jeans that were only around $40, and they had a good selection of dressier and trendier pieces that didn’t break the bank.
  • Thyme Maternity – I found Thyme to be great for the basic staples like leggings and nursing tshirts. They also had a great selection of nursing bras at an affordable price.

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Although leggings can be a girl’s best friend, if you’re like me and enjoy putting outfits together they can get old quick. That’s why I recommend getting a few staple maternity pieces early on to both save your outfit sanity, and to get the absolute most out of those. The main outfit staples I recommend getting maternity versions of are:

  • Jeans
  • High waisted black leggings
  • A nice top for going out
  • LBD
  • Tank dresses – more on these later

Your main staples will vary depending on your style. I like to wear a lot of vests, so a nice maternity vest that actually closed was a great buy for me. If you’re a dress girl you may want to buy more than just one dress, but I was happy with an LBD that I could style different for different occasions. If you’re a jeans girl you may want to buy more than one pair. I bought a plain dark pair, and a distressed pair so I had some options.

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Multipurpose Pieces

Multipurpose maternity pieces allow you to get the most out of your investment by being able to wear them throughout your entire pregnancy and after. Again the multipurpose pieces that are right for you will vary depending on your style and the time of year that you’re pregnant. With being due in January I wanted a jacket but didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that would only last a few months. Luckily I won an amazing jacket from Bellies in Bloom that has an extra panel with room for your expanding belly, that panel can flip so you can wear it while you wear your baby, and then later you can remove the panel and wear it as a normal coat.

As I mentioned I like wearing vests and I was able to find an awesome Ripe Maternity one from Bellies in Bloom that has side panels that expands throughout your pregnancy and can still be zipped up – I wore it nonstop through pregnancy! There are many different options for multipurpose pieces depending on your needs. If you’re a big staples girl I recommend getting nursing tops. Most will be able to expand with you throughout your pregnancy, and then you can wear them for easy access while nursing. Au Fait Mama is a great brand of well made bamboo ones that can be found at Bellies in Bloom.

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Leggings have been my most worn item throughout my pregnancy. They’re all I wore before I decided to invest in some maternity pieces, and since I’ve outgrown my maternity pants they’re the basis of every outfit I put together in these last few weeks. You can create so many different outfit combinations with leggings, and they’re the most comfortable thing to wear. I recommend doing a Pinterest search for maternity outfits and you’ll find so many cute and comfy outfit combinations using leggings and my other favourite pregnancy staple, tank dresses.

Tank Dresses

Tank dresses have been such a huge style piece throughout my pregnancy. They’re super easy to dress up and down and layer in different ways. After I began wearing my forest green tank dress all the time I invested in a black, white, and grey one, and am so so happy that I did.

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Accentuate the Bump

I found the best outfits are ones that accentuate that beautiful bump. If you try to find looser things that cascade over it you tend to look big and shapeless. Try opting for more fitted pieces over large cascading ones. You can also add shape by adding a cute belt to the top of your bump.


It’s all about layers. I lengthened the life of a lot of my tops simply by wearing a long tank top underneath. If you’re pregnant over the cooler months you can also put some cute maternity outfits together by layering open cardigans and open button up tops. You can leave them open, or give them a cute tied up detail over your bump.

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Guys Tshirts

Guys t-shirts are great for casual outfits because they’ll actually cover your whole belly! You can wear them as is, or add some cute layers and accessories to dress them up a bit while still being totally comfortable.

Size Up Your Bras

This is less of a style tip and more of a comfort tip. I found that my bras became too small really really quickly. I decided to purchase some nursing bras, but my ribs continued to expand and although the cup fit, the band was way too tight. Then I heard about bra extenders. They’re such a lifesaver, can be found at pretty much any maternity store, and only cost a few dollars.

Comfortable Shoes

I’ve always loved heels and cute shoes but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I didn’t want to waste any time with super sore feet, especially when you think about all of the extra weight you’re putting on those poor feet. Stick to comfortable shoes. I basically lived in my little black booties that slipped on and off and would occasionally rotate to other boots and flats.

Another great tip for winter pregnancies is that knee-high boots are actually a lot easier to get on than ankle booties because you don’t have to bend down to put them on. You just hold the top, pop your foot in, and do a quick zip. They were so much easier than I thought they would be!

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Photography: Timothy West, IG: @TimothyWestCom, FB: @CdnTimWest


Good luck with your pregnancy and congratulations!! I hope you found some of my tips to be helpful, and make sure to check out my second and third trimester updates so you can get a sneak peek into what may be in store for you throughout your pregnancy.

xo Jannine

maternity fashion, maternity style tips, maternity outfits, pregnancy outfits, pregnancy style tips, maternity, pregnancy, pregnant outfits

maternity fashion, maternity style tips, maternity outfits, pregnancy outfits, pregnancy style tips, maternity, pregnancy, pregnant outfits