Mom self care is so so important! As moms it’s really easy for us to serve our family, friends, and responsibilities and let ourselves slip away. When we do that we tend to feel rundown, overworked, stressed out, tired, and all around not our best selves. When you set aside some time for mom self care you are prioritizing yourself so you can show up and be the best that you can be. We can’t keep serving from an empty cup so make sure you are regularly doing these mom self care tips (or other things that make you happy) so you can fill your cup and be present as your better self for those you love.

I am so excited to team up with Artisanal Booty for this self care post. They are a local company that creates natural products to support your self care with all sorts of oils, lotions, and bath products. Naturally, I thought they were a great fit for these mom self care tips. These tips are small and simple things that you can do on a regular basis. Some are best to do daily, and others will help you feel really special when you do them every once in a while.

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7 Ways to Practice Mama Self Care

Wash Your Face

This simple task truly makes a world of difference. All it takes is just a few minutes every morning and every night to wash your face. When you prioritize this you are prioritizing yourself and you can make your own ritual to make you feel special. Lately I’ve been loving Artisanal Booty’s Face Oil collection and love how energizing the Orange Cleansing Oil and Herb Garden Face Oil are. They’re the perfect combo for a morning pick me up.

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Get Ready Every Morning

Getting ready every morning makes such a difference in your overall attitude for the day. If you hang out in pjs or sweats most of the time it’s really easy to slip into a funk hanging around the house and feeling pretty blah. When you take the time to get ready it boosts your mood and you’re more willing to get out and do things whether it be for a playdate, out for a walk, or a million other things.

I’m not talking about getting all glitz and glam, all you need is 5 – 15 minutes and that’s including shower time. Load up on that dry shampoo, put on a little bit of makeup and lip balm, and grab some clothes that make you feel good (check out my post with the full how to get ready in under 15 minutes).

Listen While You Cook and Clean

Use your mama multitasking wizardry to spend a little time working on yourself while doing household chores. Whether you’re into self-development or true crime, the world of audiobooks and podcasts is ever expanding so you can definitely find something that suits you. Some of my fave podcasts to listen to while washing the dishes are Jenna Kutcher, Boss Girl Creative, Armchair Expert, and Joe Rogan. I also have to give a big shout out to Artisanal Booty’s hand salve which has brought back the youth to my hands (I feel so old saying that, but it’s totally true) after using it for a week after I wash the dishes.

Have Me Time After the Kids Go to Bed

This is exactly how it sounds, spend a little time, whether its 10 minutes or 1 hour, doing something for you. This could be writing in a journal, watching YouTube videos, putting on a face mask, or snacking on your favourite treat. Whatever it is, and no matter how busy you are, make sure you are taking a little bit of time each day to do something for yourself.


Full disclosure, this is the one mom self care tip I struggle doing consistently, but I notice such a difference when I do keep up with it. Spending just 5 – 10 minutes a day on mindfulness will make you a more patient and calm mama and wife and I think we can all use that! Headspace is a great app, and I’ve heard lots of great things about Calm.

Lotion Up Before Bed

This mom self care item is great for doing every once in a while and you will feel so pampered when you do. When you have the time take some body butter (Artisanal Booty’s body butter is sooooooo moisturizing) and lotion up that beautiful skin of yours! It’s something special you can do to focus on you for a few minutes and make your skin feel nice and soft.

Take a Bath

Again, you’re likely not going to find time to do this every night or even every week, but it will feel so so good to set aside some time for yourself to be quiet and cozy. Pull out those bath salts, light some candles (or not, you do you girl) and use this time to do what you like whether that’s catching up on a favourite show, reading a book, or sitting in the peace and quiet.

Bonus Mama Self Care Practices

After seeing all of your comments on the giveaway post I can’t believe I forgot to include 2 very important ways to practice self care so I’ve added them below.

Move Your Body

Movement and exercise are so important for our overall health. Sweating it out is always optimal, but a little movement goes a long way. You can take 5 minutes to stretch your body, do a short yoga video, go for a walk, or do a hiit workout. Any movement will help and should be incorporated into your everyday, or at least multiple times a week.

Get Out In Nature

Getting a breath of fresh air is not only good for ourselves, but good for our kiddos too. Whenever Logan gets really fussy and nothing seems to make him happy I take him outside and instantly he’s in a good mood. So whether you’re a city slicker or country girl, make time to get out in nature. Hang out in your backyard, go for a hike, or visit a city park.

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