Moving can be such a stressful time. You have to pack up all of your belongings and you may have to get rid of a bunch of stuff if you’re downsizing or moving across the country. There’s also the actual move, and then the dreaded unpacking that can seem to go on forever, ugh!

Depending on the circumstances of your move, it may add extra stress as well, and I totally get it. I’ve moved 10 times in the last 10 years, all through upsizing, downsizing, break ups, new relationships, and finally into our first house, so trust me I’ve been there. Throughout all of the crazy moves I’ve picked up a trick or two and I wanted to share these moving tips with you so your next move can be less stressful and you can put more focus on the excitement of your new beginning!

Plan & Pack Ahead

I know, I know, planning ahead is always great in concept, but sometimes it can be hard to put into practice, but if you take just a bit of time to plan ahead it will make things so much easier! Figure out what you don’t use often and pack that up as soon as you can. Then, on the weekend before your move, you should pack up the last of your stuff and live out of a suitcase until you move. You can also use this weekend to take apart any furniture that needs to be broken down and take down any wall hangings and home decor that still may be up. When you do all of these steps ahead of time it helps you have a smooth moving day where all you are doing is moving, rather than packing, breaking down furniture and moving.

Tape Up Cords

Dangling electronic cords can be a tripping hazard while moving, and they can get caught on things and get damaged. Eliminate these annoyances by folding them up and securing them with some painters tape. The painters tape is secure and won’t leave any sticky residue behind like other kinds of tape might.

Moving Tips - Tape up your cords to avoid a tripping hazard.

Use Page Dividers to Store Wall Decals

Do you have plastic clings decorating your walls? You don’t have to throw them out! Many of these decals are meant to be reusable, but they need to be stored and packed the right way so they don’t clog up with dust and become unable to stick. Neatly remove them from the wall and place them on plastic page dividers. They stick to it easily and are easy to pack up and transport.

Use Ziplock Bags For Small Items

Ziplock bags are your friend when it comes to packing. They’re great for packing up your jewelry and keeping it tangle free. You can also pack up any small items stowed away in drawers, attached to cork boards, on the fridge, and more.

Label Boxes on the Top and the Side

Label boxes on the top and on the side so it is easy to locate while it is being carried, and while it is stacked in the room. You always want to make sure you are labeling the room the box goes in and what the contents are. That way it’s really easy for your helpers to recognize where the boxes go, and you can easily find things you need while you chip away at unpacking.

Moving Tip - Label boxes on the top and side so that helpers can see what room they go to and so that you can find what is in the box when they are all stacked and you are unpacking.

Use Garbage Bags for Hanging Clothes

This is my favourite packing hack and it sure impressed my Mother In Law! It saves soooooo much time by not having to pack and hang back up all of your clothes, and if you’ve seen my closet, you would know what a task that can be! Instead, buy a bunch of large plastic bags. Put a hole in the bottom center of the bag, put your hand through the hole, grab a handful of hangers, and pull the bag over your clothes, and tie at the bottom. You can then keep your clothes hanging in the closet until they need to be moved, pop them in the car, then hang them up in your new closet, remove the bags, and you’re unpacked just like that!

Don’t Pack Drawers

This used to be so helpful for packing, but now that I have nice furniture that I care about it turns out that this isn’t the greatest packing hack #oops It saves you tons of time, but now that we’re unpacked I’m noticing a bunch of scuffs and chips on my dresser and desk drawers that I need to touch up, which leads me to my next tip…

Wrap Your Furniture

If you’ve hired movers they generally do this automatically, but if you’re moving yourself make sure to wrap your furniture that can get scuffed or dinged up. A bit of time spent with blankets, sheets and packing tape will save the integrity of your furniture and is so so worth it!


There you have some of my best moving tips from doing over 10 moves in 10 years. It’s crazy to think I’ve moved that many times! I’m so excited to be able to settle down into our own house for Logan to grow up in. Moving with a baby was crazy (stay tuned for extra tips for moving with a baby!), but I think it is so so worth it, and with some help, it honestly wasn’t that bad. Do you have any moving tips? Please share them with us below!

xo Jannine

Moving tips for a smooth and low stress move.

Packing tips for a smooth and low stress move.