The theme for this month’s Ipsy bag is Rock Starlet, and I think the bag itself is super cute. I’m a total space nerd and I love how they incorporated my love of space and beauty products into one adorable bag.

For the November Ipsy Review I was able to test out new products for familiar brands, and overall I was quite happy. There are two products that I’m not head over heels for, but I know I’ll still use them and I’m still very happy with the selection for this bag.

Find out what's in a glam bag with this November Ipsy Review.

Subscription Box: Ipsy Glam Bag
Month: November
Cost: $9.99 USD,  CAD $19.29 including shipping
Recurrence: Monthly

#1 COLOUR IS BAE LIP LAQUERFind out what's in a glam bag with this November Ipsy Review.

Elizabeth Mott

I received the beautiful Moxie Mauve colour that is flattering on so many different skin tones. The formula goes on smooth and even. It’s a satin finish which is a nice balance between glossy and matte that doesn’t dry out the lips too much. It was very long lasting and stayed strong through many cups of tea and food throughout the day. Value for full size $20.00 USD, 30% off coupon code included. 

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One of my favourite things about Ipsy is that I rarely need to buy new black eyeliner because I always get new ones – I did buy some new Essence eyeliner because I’m absolutely obsessed, but I think that’s the first time I’ve purchased some in over a year.  This liner is highly pigmented and very long lasting. It’s nearly perfect in my books, but the felt tip is slightly too thick for my personal preference. Value for full size $18.00 USD , 20% off coupon code included. 


Formula X

I’ve received Formula X in previous glam bags and I absolutely love their nail polish. It has a gel like formula that is flexible making it chip resistant and very long lasting. It’s also cruelty free and doesn’t have any parabens, sulfates or phthalates – I couldn’t ask for more. Value for full size $7 USD. 

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Hey Honey

I’ve received Hey Honey products in previous bags and have grown to love the brand. This face serum has a nice silky feel to it that I love putting on my face. It isn’t too thick and works great underneath makeup. Value for full size $41.00 USD, 20% off coupon code also included. 

#5 MAD LASH MASCARAFind out what's in a glam bag with this November Ipsy Review.

The Balm

Generally I love The Balm cosmetics, but I was disappointed with the Mad Lash Mascara formula. I like a full, long, voluminous lash and I found this formula to be too natural looking for my taste. It could be good to throw on with no other makeup, but it doesn’t quite do the trick for me on an everyday basis. Value for full size $18.00, 20% off coupon code also included. 

As usual another great bag from Ipsy. If you’re curious about what other bags look like you can check out my September and May glam bag reviews. I’m a huge fan of Ipsy and definitely recommend it to anyone who might be interested. It’s such a nice treat to receive in the mail every month. I’ve been very happy with the selection in my bags, the more you review, the better they get. If you’re already an Ipster I’d love to hear about what you received in your glam bag. Please leave me a comment below.

xo Jannine

Find out what's in a glam bag with this November Ipsy Review.Find out what's in a glam bag with this November Ipsy Review.