Some days we just really don’t feel like f@%#ing cooking. The kids are demanding, it’s been a hectic day, you feel like crap or just unmotivated, whatever the reason may be, it happens, and that’s why I always include a few toddler friendly quick and easy meal ideas when I meal plan (get your free Grocery Shop and Meal Plan printable). Who knew one of the hardest parts of being an adult was being the one to make sure food is in the house and make meals for everyone every day 😂 That’s why I reached out to you guys on my IG Stories and with your help I’ve put together this list of 10 Quick and Easy Meal Ideas. We make many of them on a regular basis and I’m looking forward to adding some of these into our regular family meal rotation.

Toddler friendly quick and easy family meal ideas for when you just don't feel like cooking.

1) Tuna Melts

This is one of our go-to’s when the cupboards are empty and I’m feeling lazy. Celery and red onions are a great way of adding a bit of extra crunch, and if you’re vegan you may want to check out my chickpea tuna salad recipe, it’s so good!

2) Soup and Sandwiches

A classic that’s super easy together. You can go as simple as grilled cheese or make it a little more decadent with some of your favourite sandwich toppings.

3) Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

I have yet to own an instant pot, but I do something similar with the crockpot. Just toss your chicken in there with some sauce, add peppers and onions if you feel like it and serve with your other quick and easy taco ingredients.

4) Breakfast for Dinner

This was one of my favourites growing up. It felt so cool to eat breakfast food at dinner time, and it just goes to show that you really don’t need to feel bad for making a slightly half assed dinner. Your kids are going to love it and may even think it’s a special treat.

5) Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Cheese, and Smoothies

One of my tricks for when I feel guilty about not making the most nutritious food for my family is to make a smoothie to accompany it. That way you know they’re getting everything lots of those vitamins and it’s still relatively quick and easy to make. Your kiddos may even want to help or do it for you.

6) Pizza Bagels and Cucumber with Cream Cheese Sandwiches

We tried this combo after one of your suggestions for cucumber cream cheese sandwiches and it was a hit with the family and a hit for me because it was insanely easy to prepare. The hardest part was spreading the cream cheese.

7) Avocado Toast

Thank you to Millenial Motherhood for this suggestion. Avocado Toast can be super simple or dressed up nice and fancy for dinner, plus it has all of those good ole healthy fats we’re supposed to eat lots of.

8) Sheet Pan Buddha Bowls

After you dice everything up you can shove it in the oven and step away for 20ish minutes giving you a much needed break, or time to go and do whatever’s next on your to do list.

9) Easy Pasta

Take whatever is about to go bad in your fridge, throw it in a pan, cook it up, and toss with some pasta with your favourite sauce. One of my go to’s lately has been using canned diced tomatoes instead of marinara sauce. It’s a bit lighter and easier in the heartburn department.

10) Quesadillas with Hidden Veggies

Make sure to dice them up really small and you can usually get away with sneaking some veggies into them.


I’d love to hear what some of your go to quick and easy meal ideas are. Let us know in the comments below 🙂

xo Jannine

Quick and Easy Family Meals your toddler will actually eat.