There’s a lot that’s been said and written about the benefits of yoga for adults, but the subject of yoga for kids’ benefits is not as discussed both online and within real-life parent communities. In fact, many would find that yoga for kids and parents is an incredibly rewarding pastime and form of exercise that can help strengthen bonds between parents and children.

In this article, we’re going to explore the subject of “why do yoga with kids,” going over the mental and physical benefits of yoga and how they can help improve children’s wellbeing. So, are you ready to take a look into the enthralling advantages that make yoga so important for kids’ development? If so, read more to find them out!

Yoga Improves Kids’ Cognitive Function

Yoga is all about focus – focusing on breathing, movement, and being in tune with your body. During yoga for kids training, children are taught early on how to concentrate in order to master yoga poses and breathing. By mastering the art of focus, children further enhance their cognitive functions, seeing as they can focus on the tasks they’re given at school with ease and take in the material at hand more efficiently.

Yoga Helps Kids Manage Their Emotions

Girl and Yoga

Regulating emotional responses can be tricky for children, who largely depend on their caretakers and peers to sense how it’s appropriate to react in certain situations. With an emphasis on grounding oneself to the moment and looking inwardly through meditation, yoga for kids allows children to sit back, observe their emotions, and assess how to react. You can find more parenting tips that will make you feel like a Top Mom and reassure you that picking yoga for your little one is an amazing way to cultivate their emotional intelligence!

Yoga Improves Breathing, Strength, and Flexibility

With its intricate poses, focused breathing exercises, and general use of all muscle groups throughout a workout session, yoga is an excellent way for kids to build strength, improve flexibility, and support their growing bodies. By offering full-body support, yoga makes for a great outlet for children trying to combat anxiety through focused breathing and those looking to build strength to meet the demands of intensive sports.

When To Start Yoga With Kids

This is one of the most common questions we yoga instructors get asked by parents and yoga educators alike. Some parents who practice yoga themselves start initiating their little ones to the practice early on by allowing them to follow simple exercises as they are working out themselves. Others feel more comfortable trusting their little ones with trained instructors who have spent years perfecting how to teach yoga. Both choices are valid and highly personal, so parents should go with what they feel is best for their kids and their families as a whole.


Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that provides both mental and physical benefits. While most think practicing yoga is reserved for adults, we hope that this article has convinced you that yoga for kids is very beneficial. So, if you have been considering taking up yoga with your little one or enrolling them in a kids’ class, and see for yourself the plethora of positive changes that it has to offer.

Let us know in the comments: have your kids taken yoga? If so, what positive changes have you noticed in their health and overall wellbeing?

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a journalist and a blogger living in California and writing articles for different websites since 2015. She has a degree in medicine; hence she is covering everything related to health, wellness, etc., including motherhood and breastfeeding. Also, Rachel is focused on parent-kid yoga training.