As I mentioned in my previous post about dealing with colic during the first 3 months of motherhood, I want to share about my overall experience with new motherhood during those early months, but had so much to say that I wasn’t quite sure how to organize it all. The reason I share about these things is to let other soon to be moms get a sneak peek of what may be in store for them, and to let new moms know that they aren’t alone in their experiences, and although we go through different things, we go through a lot of the same shit which can be really hard to deal with at times. I personally find it nice to know that I’m not alone in things, and I want to be able to give you that same feeling when you’re searching out for information during those intense Google and Pinterest sessions trying to find out if blank and blank is normal.

In an effort not to overwhelm you with a bunch of information in different areas that may not all pertain to you I’ve decided to break things up so you can check out what interests you. Perhaps you want to read it all to try and prepare yourself for what’s to come, or maybe you’re struggling with breastfeeding and reading up as much as you can to try and get it sorted out. Take a look below and find what you’re looking for.

How the hell do I get this child to sleep?!

I think many parents struggle the whole newborn sleep thing, and for us it was no different. I spent many nights up for hours trying to get baby back to sleep again, eventually finding a system that seemed to work and clinging to it for dear life only to later have the carpet ripped right out from underneath me with an early appearance from the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. Check out my experience with the struggle for sleep or skip through and see my tips for developing good sleep habits.

Breastfeeding is hard!

Breastfeeding is hard work! Beleive it or not, it doesn’t come naturally to most mothers and babies, it’s something you actually have to work at. As difficult and painful as it can be at times it is a fantastic bonding experience for you and your baby and great way to give your baby all of the goodness they need without having to buy formula from a store. Check out my experience learning breastfeeding and 5 tips to help you with successful breastfeeding.

The Sleepless nights of dealing with a colic baby.

Our LO struggled with colic. He had so many poor little digestive issues which led to many long hours at night struggling to make him feel comfortable and get him back to sleep. If you have a colicky baby know that you aren’t alone and that you will get through this period. Check out how we dealt with a colicky baby including some tips that helped us.



xo Jannine

A first time mom experience of the first 3 months of motherhood and dealing with a newborn baby.

The first three months of motherhood as a first time mom dealing with a newborn baby.