I feel like we can never get enough toddler activity ideas, and it seems like you guys feel the same way. Our 9 – 12 Month Old Activities and 18 – 24 Month Old Activities are some of our most popular posts! Which is why I am so happy to be partnering up with Carly from Mindful Education to share kids activities for toddlers and preschool aged kids. Today is all about activities for 2 year olds and stay tuned for activity ideas for kids all the way up to 5 years old!

Carly loves being able to support each unique child to be fully themselves. Using your child’s interests, she creates “learning plans” which consist of 10 activities and songs to help build your little one’s knowledge, creativity, and skill level. She’s created this list of 3 fun activities based off favourites of the children she has worked with. You can check out her website to learn more about Carly and all of her services.

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Fun toddler activities for 2 year olds to help with their fine motor skills and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

Carly’s Activities for 2 Year Olds

Activity #1

Ice Smashing

Children around this age LOVE smashing stuff! Of course, we need to set boundaries around when and what they can smash. By having set times to get out their energy in this way, it’ll (hopefully) stop them from smashing things at other times!

1. Get a few plastic bins/ cups (varying sizes)
2. Fill them up most of the way with water (add food coloring if you like, but it may stain clothing!)
3. Put in some of their favourite things (my favorites are: dinosaurs, flowers/ nature items, and plastic insects)
4. Freeze them (you can do this in sections, to create different layers and not have everything sink to the bottom)
5. Put them outside with some “tools,” such as, a small (wooden?) hammer, a spoon, etc.

*You can also fill a balloon with water and freeze it, to make a different shape!*

By giving them a variety of tools, we are allowing them to figure out which tools work the best, and how to use the tools. They will often end up using their feet, and throwing the ice blocks onto the ground. They can get pretty creative in figuring out how to get it smashed open and get to whatever is in the middle!

Once the ice has melted to a smaller size, it can be a choking hazard, so make sure to watch closely!

Activity #2

Car Painting

Most two year olds I know love cars. One of my favorite things to do with them is car painting. It’s best to have a roll of paper, so it can be a long “track.” It’s a good idea to keep a few cars aside for car painting, as they may not come completely clean. This can be done on a table, outside on the ground, on the wall, anywhere really! I like to use cardboard to make a ramp from the table to the floor.

All you need to do is set up the area, put the paper down, have a tray of paint ready, and put the cars in it! The kiddos will love making tracks by driving their cars around the paper!

Activity #3

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is excellent because it’s easy to make, and washes off easily! (Test it beforehand to make sure, but it typically just washes away with some water!)

1. Make chalk paint
2. Put it out with a paint brush (multiple different size paintbrushes is a good idea!)
3. Let the kids go crazy! I LOVE allowing the children to paint on things that they normally wouldn’t. Like, a ride on toy, a tire, a play house, etc…. Because it just washes away afterwards! It’s a good idea to involve them in the process of washing it away, so that they don’t come outside later and their artwork is gone.

A big thank you to Carly for putting together these activites for 2 year olds for us. Not only does she love creating these learning plans, but she also supports parents with behavioural management and meal planning which you can learn about here.

These toddler activities all sound like so much fun. Our kids love playing with ice and hammers and cars, and I know they’ll love all of these ideas! Make sure to follow along on stories on social media @JannineMacKinnon to watch us test these out over the next week!

xo Jannine

Fun sensory activities for 2 year olds to entertain and help with their development