Everyone has their favourite beauty essentials, mine tend to change quite a lot as I try new products. One of the ways I love to find new products is from reading blog posts, and watching YouTube videos, so I though this would be a fun post to write to share my current beauty essentials. Some of these items are beauty essentials I’ve used year after year, and repurchased time and time again. Others are new favourites that I’ve discovered and can’t live without.

Pin now to save for later. Top 10 Essential Beauty Items: Brows, dry shampoo, leave in conditioner, shower cap, mascara, and more. <Pin now to save for later. Top 10 Beauty Essentials: Brows, dry shampoo, leave in conditioner, shower cap, mascara, and more.


Konjac sponge? What the heck is a konjac sponge? It’s the one thing I’ve finally been able to find that actually works at treating my acne. I’ve been dealing with acne throughout my life, only now at 25, with the help of the konjac sponge, have I finally been able to clear my skin. If I use this weird little white sponge every day and night I am able to maintain clear skin!

Konjac Sponge Top 10 Beauty Essentials Happy Stylish Fit Lifestyle Beauty Fasion Fitness BlogI first received one in my Fab Fit Fun subscription box . At first glance it seamed really strange, but as soon as I tried it I fell in love. It’s an Asian beauty product that is made from a root vegetable, which also makes it compostable! It’s small, dry and hard when dry. You run it under water for 2 minutes while squeezing it until it absorbs the water. Once wet it becomes a soft and supple sponge that acts as a gentle exfoliater as it scrubs every nick and cranny of your face.

To use, all you have to do is put a nickel sized dollop of your usual cleanser on the wet sponge. Clean your face in a circular motion, wipe your face clean, and clean the sponge. It’s as easy as that, and this thing has been my lifesaver! I recently bought one for a friend as a Christmas present after she started asking me about it more, and so far she likes it too! I’m really hoping it gives her the same awesome results that I have seen!

Konjac sponges come in all different sizes and colours. Some are infused with stuff like charcoal or green tea to give added benefits for different skin types. They can be hard to find in stores, although I have heard of Sephora carrying them. I usually buy mine online through Amazon, I’ll leave a link below if you’re interested in trying it yourself. If you want to learn more living pretty, naturally has a great review with lots of information and recommendations.


I don’t know about you, but my hands get so dry in the winter! I’ve started carrying around my Glysomed hand lotion everywhere! It moisturizes my hands so well, and makes them feel amazingly soft. I use this beauty essential multiple times a day 🙂 I bought mine from Target, but I’ve seen them at lots of stores including Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart.

#3 GOT2B DRY SHAMPOODry Shampoo Top 10 Beauty Essentials Happy Stylish Fit Lifestyle Beauty Fasion Fitness Blog

Got2B Rockin’ It 4ever Style Stay is the best dry shampoo I’ve been able to find! I’ve searched and searched, and have tried numerous brands. This is the only one I have stuck with and repurchase time and time again. I spray it in, let it set while I do my makeup, rub it in my roots, and brush it out (sometimes I’ll do a quick blow dry for an extra boost). My hair is left looking nice and shiny, without a greasy look. After using it my hair is smooth to the touch, and doesn’t leave any residue or sticky feeling in the hair. It also has a nice fragrance, especially compared to some of the other more overpowering scented brands. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to try a new dry shampoo! I generally buy mine from Shoppers Drug Mart, or Walmart – can you see a pattern of where I like to shop for beauty products? 😉


I try to always use leave in conditioner after my hair has gotten wet. To maintain healthy hair I try not to shampoo my hair very often, but will wet it and kind of wash it out with just water, sometimes using conditioner on the very ends. With this hair routine I end up using leave in conditioner often. My all time favourite is from Aveeno. It instantly makes it super easy to brush out my hair after a shower, leaves my hair feeling soft, and minimizes frizz. I’ve repurchased this product multiple times, I love it! I always purchase mine at London Drugs, they seem to have the best selection of Aveeno hair products. I’ve recently purchased a new brand, Unite, that I’ve only tried a couple times. If I convert I’ll try and let you know.


Top 10 Beauty Essentials Lace Sally Hansen Nail Stickers Happy Stylish Fit Lifestyle Beauty Fashion Blog

Have you ever spent hours on your nails perfecting a cute look, only to have it chip within 24 hours? I sure have, and it’s so so frustrating! After having this happen every single time I painted my nails I was done with spending hours trying to perfect cute nail art. That’s when I found Sally Hansen’s nail stickers, and they rock! They are super easy to apply, your fingers will be ready to use in under a 1/2 hour, way better than hours spent painting a design! I’ve also found that using them has helped my nails grow and get stronger. The sticker acts as a protective layer that prevents your nails from bending and breaking, and my weak, brittle nails can use all the help they can get. Not all brands of nail stickers are the same though. I’ve tried roughly 5 different brands and have only been happy with Sally Hansen’s. If you know of any other great nail stickers leave me a comment below 🙂


Mascara is my #1 beauty essential. If I don’t put on any other makeup, I always put on mascara! I usually purchase mascara from Shoppers Drug Mart (I’m a total sucker for their Shoppers Optimum Points Program!), but occasionally I get some awesome ones in my Ipsy bag, like I did this past December.

My top 3 mascaras are:

  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam
    • Great for full, voluminous lashes
  • Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
    • Great for simple, long lashes
  • Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
    • I just received this one in my November Ipsy bag and love it! It’s a great combination of the other 2, although it is a little pricier

If you want to find out more about Ipsy you can read my review of my December Glam Bag. I’ve been receiving the Ipsy bag for a full year now, love it, and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.


Shower Cap Top 10 Beauty Essentials Happy Stylish Fit Lifestyle Fashion Beauty Fitness BlogI know, sounds super old lady right?! But I actually use one on a regular basis. As I’ve said to keep my hair as healthy as possible I don’t wash my hair very often, on average once every 4/5 days. For my in between showers that I don’t want to get my hair wet, shower caps are perfect. They keep my hair nice and dry, so I can add a little dry shampoo and style it way faster than when I have wet hair.

I used to use basic clear plastic ones that I purchased as a pack from Sally’s Beauty Supply, but recently I’ve switched to a cute one from Shoppers Drug Mart. I got tired of the same ugly one, and wanted something a little cuter. After I upgraded I noticed a huge difference – it works better by staying on more snuggly, and I have a bit more confidence wearing it in front of my boyfriend. I didn’t want him to see my with a clear plastic bag on my head, but feel slightly better about a patterned one for some reason.

If you ever try to keep your hair dry in the shower, but find it still getting wet in areas a shower cap is definitely worth a try. Cute, good quality ones aren’t easy to find. Like I said I found mine from Shoppers Drug Mart for under $10. I also received one from the dollar store for Christmas, but haven’t had a chance to test out the quality compared to my other one yet. I’ll leave a link below for a cute one I found on Amazon that is next on my beauty wishlist, and yes I know having 3 different shower caps is a little ridiculous, but this girl loves having options 😉


I know this isn’t exactly a hidden beauty secret, but I love this stuff! Personally I’m not the biggest fan of the container, I prefer something a little less bulky for my purse or pocket, but I absolutely love this product! I keep one in my car, in my purse, by the bed, and at work. The formula is great, and always leaves my lips nice and soft. For the holidays EOS came out with a cute holiday pack that comes with adorable customizable stickers. The 3 pack comes with enough stickers to decorate over 5 lip balms. I’ve decorated 5, and still have a full sheet! These stickers are a great way to customize your favourite lip balms. I don’t know if the holiday line is still available, but Eos lip balm itself is a great product.

#9 BROW KITBrow Kit Top 10 Beauty Essentials Happy Stylish Fit Lifestyle Fashion Beauty Fitness Blog

As everyone knows, brows are in. I keep mine on point with a cute little brow kit I got from Winners Homesense, my It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil I got from Ipsy, and a spooly eyebrow brush I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart. I have no idea how the eyebrow pencil is still sticking around – I’ve been using it everyday for months! The brow set contains a comb, tweezers, scissors, and a razor, and every Sunday I try to use the set to do my weekly beauty routine before I do a face mask. I love the little scissors that comes with my pack. It has a small comb on it to help prevent cutting the hair too short, which is something I’m really scared of doing when trimming my eyebrow hair. Is anyone else super paranoid about this? I can’t kick the fear of cutting a big chunk of hair way too short. The brow set razor is also great for upper hairs that I don’t want to pluck, and I love how the set is made from fabric with a really cute little pattern! No matter what kind of tools you like to use, a brow kit is a definite beauty essential for 2016.


This stuff is a little on the pricier side, but is worth every penny. After 1 use I noticed a drastic difference in how smooth and soft my hair is – I barely had any flyaways, and constantly touched my hair to feel how soft it is. This is the first salon brand shampoo I’ve ever purchased, and I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to drug store shampoo, the results are too amazing! For my local Victoria girls I purchased mine from Luv Salon on Fort St. They had a holiday special, and for $50 I purchased the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner as a set. I’ve also found a link online where the shampoo is selling for $30. Like I said it is a little steep, but for someone who doesn’t wash their hair every day, the results are more than worth the price difference compared to the $15 products I was using before.

Those are my top 10 beauty essentials that I absolutely love and use on a regular basis. If you try any of them out make sure you Instagram or Tweet me! I’d also love to hear what your beauty essentials are, please comment below, I always love learning about new products 🙂