I was never a big random holiday type of person, but now that I have kids I like to do a little something special for them and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Because food is our family’s love language I’ve created this drool-worthy Valentine’s Day charcuterie board and I’ve connected with some other great mom bloggers to show you their Valentine’s Day toddler ideas too. Most of them are nice and simple and use a lot of items you’ll likely already have on hand from your toddlers craft supplies.

7 easy valentines ideas for toddlers including toddler activities, toddler crafts, and treats for the family.

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Super Cute Sugar Cookies

How cute are these simple sugar cookies from my friend Laura at SS Heart Blog!?! I love how she used cute cookie cutters, but you could also make them simple circles and top with some red and pink sprinkles.

DIY Angel Wings

These DIY angel wings are flipping adorable and look so easy to make with some basic craft supplies. Make sure to check out Lydia on her Instagram for lots of great DIY ideas.

Cupids Bow and Arrow

This cupids bow and arrow craft by The Growing Creatives are such a perfect pairing for the wings so I had to include them. They’re fairly simple, but may take a little bit of extra time and supplies than some of the other crafts.

Valentines Day Charcuterie Board

Valentine’s Day charcuterie boards are so easy to make! Just take a look around your grocery store’s bulk section and go to town with everything that gives off any kind of Valentine’s Day love vibes, or just looks delicious to eat. They also don’t need to be completely loaded with treats. I fully intended to include an assortment of berries and got a little carried away ????

Valentines Day charcuterie board filled with candy and treats

Simple Toddler Crafts

I love the simplicity of these toddler crafts from Sit Up and Sit Ups. I think everyone has a sponge and some paint lying around, and she also has a really cute handprint flower pot craft idea I really want to try!

Valentine's day toddler crafts

Valentines Sensory Bin

Create a Valentine’s Day inspired sensory activity bin with this great idea from Mrs. Jones Creation Station. If you don’t have/can’t find actual little heart cutouts you could use construction paper or poster board and mix with a bunch of pom poms and pipe cleaners looped around a pencil.

Valentine's Day toddler sensory bin

Valentine’s Day Rice Crispies with Free Printable

I love a good rice crispy treat so I had to include these adorable pink heart treats from Maple Planners. They’d make a great gift for care providers and friends and comes with a free printable too!

Valentine's Day toddler treats with these cute rice crispy hearts


Which Valentine’s Day toddler activity do you think you might try? Let me know in the comments below.

xo Jannine

Valentine's day charcuterie board and other valentines day toddler activities and treats.